Serious Style Statement Inspiration


With Mercedes Benz Fashion Week coming up, we can’t help but look for inspiring pieces to wear to all of the shows! This year we really want to make a statement with our outfits, so we’re using accessories to create unforgettable looks. See which styles are sparking our imaginations, and you may just see our versions of these cool trends in an upcoming series!

Wrap Bracelets

Blue Rhinestone Wrap BraceletDruzy Leather Wrap Bracelets, Cluster Bracelets and Watch

We love a good wrap bracelet because it’s casual, fun and still totally chic! This year we’re really feeling the wrap bracelet upgrade, which pairs the boho chic style with some glamorous stones.

Statement Earrings

Elizabeth Cole Drop EarringsStatement Stone EarringsIsabella Drops

Right now we are on board the drop earring train. This style is bold and shining with enough sparkle to stop anyone in their tracks! Feather Collar

Neutral Feather Collar, Feather Necklace over Collar, Green Feather Necklace

There is something so cool yet simple about a feather collar. It’s an unexpected change from the usual fur, and it has a light airy feeling to it that is so unique! Don’t pass up on this trend, or it will fly away! Shoulder Pads

Stud Shoulder Pads, Statement Sequin Shoulders, Gold Statement Sequin Shoulder Pads

Statement shoulders are definitely in right now! From red carpet runway gowns, to edgy street fashion, these stylized shoulder accents are taking the fashion world by storm. And why not? They make a cool, confident and stylish statement!

DIY Rhinestone Wrap Bracelet

With summer just around the corner, there’s no better time to be DIYing some colorful bracelets. We picked up some rhinestone trim the other day and got inspired to make this rhinestone wrap bracelet. It’s super easy to make, so you can whip up a bunch for your friends. Follow our tutorial below and let us know how it turns out!


1. Take one of the pieces of suede trim and pull the end through the metal closure. Hold it in place by tying a knot around the suede with the cord.
2. Begin wrapping the cord around the suede.
3. Once you have wrapped the cord around a few times, place the rhinestone trim on top of the suede trim. Continue wrapping the cord around, this time wrapping it over the rhinestone trim to hold it in place.
4. Keep wrapping until you reach the end of the trim, or until it is long enough to fit around your wrist. Like you did at the beginning, bring the end of the suede through the other side of the metal closure and wrap the cord around to hold it in place. Tie a knot to keep it secure. Then repeat the process to create the second strand. Now you’re ready to wear your bracelet!