DIY Statement Necklace


Here at M&J we can’t get enough of our chunky chains. Rather than just wearing chunky acrylic chains, we’ve opted to incorporate one of our sleeker watch bands with a rustic pendant. By incorporating all three vibes you’ll be sure to wear this statement necklace all summer long.





Stone Pendant Style #54030- Available in our store. Contact

11 MM Watch Band Metal Chain Style # 49624

20MM Flat Acrylic Chain Style # 56301

Sew On Rhinestones- Style # 57044

Gem Tac Glue

Jump Rings- Available in our store. Contact

Large Clasp – Available in our store. Contact


Place one of your jump rings through the small pendant opening. Repeat this step for each of your pendants.


Using your Gem Tac Glue, Glue down each of your rhinestones in a fun and unique pattern.


Leave your pendants aside for this step, and place a jump ring through either side of your watch band.


Connect your watch band with your black chain.
The jump ring will simplify this process.


Loop another jump ring through your watch band.
This jump ring will connect your pendant with the gold band.
Repeat this step for each of your pendants.

Ta da! There you have it your very own statement necklace!DSC_0219