DIY Swarovski Sew-on Stone Bracelet

By Dara   The sun is quite hot today, which also mean its still summer.  We have a long way to go before it starts getting cold again.  Of course summer time usually means a little less fabric, more skin and more accessories.  I know that the recession has everyone on a budget, but it … Continue reading DIY Swarovski Sew-on Stone Bracelet

DIY Multi-facet Swarovski Jewel Bracelet

By Milton People often ask me what's my advice when it comes to fashion.  My reply is "Accessorize, accessorize and accessorize some more".  Accessories can really help enhance what you're wearing; unless you're already wearing something that sparkles all on its own.  Some examples would be a sequin dress or an overly embellished jewel dress.  … Continue reading DIY Multi-facet Swarovski Jewel Bracelet

Last Chance For Swarovski Rhinestones

This weekend is the last chance to purchase Swarovski Rhinestones at the current price.  The price will increase on February 1st at 12am EST.  Stock-up on rhinetones by no later than Sunday night.  Remember that price changes to Swarovski sew-on jewels are to follow in March.  We'll post the updates on those price change again … Continue reading Last Chance For Swarovski Rhinestones

Swarovski Increase Rhinestone Price

  Some of you may have already heard the news.  For those who haven't yet, due to production cost, Swarovski has decided to increase their price on flatback and hot-fix rhinestones with sew-on jewels to follow.  This has left many retailers with little choice, but to increase our price on rhinestones and sew-on jewels.  New … Continue reading Swarovski Increase Rhinestone Price