DIY Suspender Tee

If you couldn't tell last week, we are totally in love with our iron-on stud trims!  They are the perfect alternative to not having to apply studs to fabric one by one.  We decided to use some to update a plain tee u  After creating a pair of DIY suspenders a few weeks ago, we … Continue reading DIY Suspender Tee

DIY Inspiration: Suspenders

Suspenders are no longer boring and meant to be hidden under a suit.  Use them to play up a casual tee and jeans outfit or grab fun, printed suspenders to bring life to a professional look.  Our many, many trims can be used to create suspenders - just check out Monday's DIY project!  After finding … Continue reading DIY Inspiration: Suspenders

DIY Inspiration: Menswear

This winter, menswear has definitely been somewhere that we are pulling inspiration from.   Men in layered suits with cool accessories and a well tailored coat always catches our eyes.  We, also, love seeing women incorporate classic menswear pieces into their own daily style which is why we are inspired to DIY some of these pieces … Continue reading DIY Inspiration: Menswear

DIY Greek Key Suspenders

After spending the weekend falling in love with our greek key trims, we decided to put our DIY skills to use!  Modern day womenswear is receiving a lot of its inspiration from menswear so it was about time that we created a unisex DIY!  These suspenders look great on anyone! Supplies: 3 yards of Greek Key … Continue reading DIY Greek Key Suspenders