DIY: Chainette Fringe Earrings

These beautiful tassel earrings pair two great spring colors and fun textures to create a dynamic statement accessory set. We love the glint of the sew-on jewel combined with the soft sway of the chainette fringe used to make the tassel.  Pink 4” Chainette Fringe (Pink) Jade Green 18mm x 13mm Octagon Jewel W/2 Holes … Continue reading DIY: Chainette Fringe Earrings

DIY: Bejeweled Holiday Clutch

New Year's Eve is the time for glitz and glam, and this year we're pulling out all of the stops with a DIY accessory that's sure to garner some attention. We're making a bejeweled golden Holiday Clutch that's perfect for that VIP New Year's Eve party! What You'll Need: Antiqued 12mm X 10mm Rectangle With … Continue reading DIY: Bejeweled Holiday Clutch

DIY Easy Decorative Picture Frame

By Dara It’s been a while since I last wrote an Arts & Crafts blog.  So here I am today, finally updating after so long.  I’ve been contemplating on getting a puppy lately.  Can you guess what kind of puppy?  Yes, I want a bull dog.  They’re just so adorable.  I know a lot of … Continue reading DIY Easy Decorative Picture Frame


By Roseann Today embellishing is seen everywhere, from necklines to ankles.  It's a great way to add color and a little flash to an everyday piece.  I was really inspired by John Hardy's new bamboo and sterling silver cuffs.  Since I am not an expert jewelry crafter, I figured a leather cuff would be a … Continue reading DIY EMBELLISHED LEATHER CUFF

Creativity Mixed In A Blender

By Dara   With hundreds of people visiting M&J Trimming in NYC everyday, you can image how busy the store is. Every person who walks into the store has a mind for creations of his or her own. Customers storm the store with amazing ideas on using M&J’s products. It’s great to know that our … Continue reading Creativity Mixed In A Blender