Halloween DIY: Jeweled Flappers Girl Head Piece

By Julissa Halloween is right around the corner, if you don't have time to buy a costume. Then why not make your own  fun jewel encrusted head-piece. Its easy and fun, and you will definitely stand out. It's a piece you can do at home at your own time, you don't have to worry about … Continue reading Halloween DIY: Jeweled Flappers Girl Head Piece

M&J Trimming’s New Products

Dear Blog Readers, If you haven’t checked out M&J Trimming’s website now’s the time! We have a huge selection of trimmings perfect for your everyday projects and fun DIY’s.  We are always updating our website with new trimmings with products imported from all over the world. Click below to check out our new products from M&J … Continue reading M&J Trimming’s New Products

DIY Video Week Six: New Years Embellished T-Shirt

Dear Fashion Lovers, Our last Holiday DIY Video is here, and I’m showing you how to make this glamorous t-shirt, the perfect statement piece for your New Years Celebration. Be sure to get creative when making this DIY.  Click here for the list of materials used.             Happy New Years, Blerona

Create Your Own Swarovski Bangle

By Goldie We all have old bangles cluttering our jewelry boxes.  I’d like to share with a quick way to turn your old bangle into a blingin’ Swarovski art piece.  I embellished only a portion of the bangle so that you can get a feel for the before and after. I used: Two 18x16mm pear … Continue reading Create Your Own Swarovski Bangle


By Roseann Today embellishing is seen everywhere, from necklines to ankles.  It's a great way to add color and a little flash to an everyday piece.  I was really inspired by John Hardy's new bamboo and sterling silver cuffs.  Since I am not an expert jewelry crafter, I figured a leather cuff would be a … Continue reading DIY EMBELLISHED LEATHER CUFF

DIY Multi-facet Swarovski Jewel Bracelet

By Milton People often ask me what's my advice when it comes to fashion.  My reply is "Accessorize, accessorize and accessorize some more".  Accessories can really help enhance what you're wearing; unless you're already wearing something that sparkles all on its own.  Some examples would be a sequin dress or an overly embellished jewel dress.  … Continue reading DIY Multi-facet Swarovski Jewel Bracelet

DIY Valentine’s Day Vase

By Rosenn   Expecting flowers this Valentines day?  Why not put them in a vase as hot as the man who sent them.  You can dress up an old vase or grab an inexpensive plain glass vase from your home décor shop.    Materials used: 1 Glass flower vase 24 inches, depending on circumference of … Continue reading DIY Valentine’s Day Vase

Swarovski Rhinestone Center

Do you like all things glits and glam? How about shinny and new?  Then you'll definitely like our newly updated Swarovski Rhinestone center.  In this center you'll find all of our Swarovski crystal merchandise as well as rhinestone related merchandise such as the rhinestone kits.   

Winter Wedding Colors

By Kristin  You can apply these items to wedding gowns, invitations, wedding cakes and even center pieces.  It's amazing how adding a little accessory can make a big difference. 

New Shopping Category

    M&J Trimming is proud to announce that we now have three new categories, Sew-on, Sequins and More.  Here at M&J Trimming we strive to make a memorable shopping experience for all customers.  Therefore, we have created these new categories in order to make your search easier for when you're in need for these … Continue reading New Shopping Category