Striped Sequin Pillow DIY

There's something about sequins that we can't get enough of. When looking for a medium for our pillow revamp we jumped at the opportunity of incorporating our notice me-trim: sequins! SUPPLIES 2 ¼ “6-ROW STRETCH SEQUIN-Turquoise   2 ¼ “6-ROW STRETCH SEQUIN-Blue Iris  Pillow Glue Scissors STEPS: Place the end of your sequin trim over your … Continue reading Striped Sequin Pillow DIY

Top 5 Sequin DIYs

Merry Christmas to all!  Today, we couldn't be more excited to spend the day with family and friends.   We hope your day is filled with beauty, tons of laughs, homemade and heartfelt presents, and happiness.  Because we hope your day is filled with everything you've dreamed of, here is a list of our Top 5 … Continue reading Top 5 Sequin DIYs

DIY Sequin Pants

We are massive fans of the all-sequin dress, but, like most females, they only get worn around the holiday times.  Here is a DIY with just enough sequins that can be worn all year round! Supplies Trousers 2-3 yds of Sequin trim Fabric glue Scissors 1.  Fold your pants along its front seams and measure … Continue reading DIY Sequin Pants

Do-It-Yourself Bridal Package (Customize Your Own Hot-fix Rhinestone Motif)

By Kristin   This weekend I'm throwing a surprise engagement party for 2 of my very good friends.  I decided to make each of the brides a tote bag filled with supplies that will help them plan their big day.  Since I wanted to make something they could use after the wedding, for trips to … Continue reading Do-It-Yourself Bridal Package (Customize Your Own Hot-fix Rhinestone Motif)

New Shopping Category

    M&J Trimming is proud to announce that we now have three new categories, Sew-on, Sequins and More.  Here at M&J Trimming we strive to make a memorable shopping experience for all customers.  Therefore, we have created these new categories in order to make your search easier for when you're in need for these … Continue reading New Shopping Category

Your Own Louis Vuitton

By Milton Louis Vuitton's Spring '08 collection features shirts and skirts with stripes of sequins circling the front and back. Like with all designer clothing, I'm pretty confident that this collection's price tag would leave anyone stumped as to how such a simple design arrived at such an inflated price. It's not always necessary to … Continue reading Your Own Louis Vuitton