Summer Hair Inspiration


The summer heat has finally arrived. We crave it all year round, but once the hot air rolls in, we often wonder what to do with our hair. Rest assured these styles will inspire you on those days when you’re truly stuck in a rut. With flowers crowns, ribbons, bows, spikes, and rhinestones to chose from, what look will you be dabbling in this summer?

Cara_Hair_Neon_Mjtrimming_DIY alice-olivia-beauty-autumn-fall-winter-2013-nyfw14 chanel-ss-2013-hair-and-makeup Nonoo_Ribbons_Hairstyles_Mjtrimming Rhinestones_Mjtrimming_Swarovski

Top 3 Ribbons and Bow DIYS


Ribbons are one of the simpler trims yet they will forever be popular.  Ribbons have many purposes. They can be used for invitations, home décor, jewelry, or even footwear. The opportunities for using ribbon are truly endless. Each of the following DIY tutorials demonstrates the many ways ribbons can be orchestrated. Chic Steals turned her ordinary sweater into something extraordinary and not to mention cute.  Love Maegan created a statement necklace with different pieces of gathered ribbon. Sprinkles in Springs added a girly touch to her sandals by tying small bows to the T-straps. Each of these DIYs are adorable and we can’t wait to try them out.

Ribbon SandalsSprinkles in Springs DIY Ribbon Sandals

Chic StealsChic Steals DIY Woven Ribbon Sweater

Love MaeganLove Maegan DIY Ribbon Necklace


Memorial Day Deals


Happy Memorial Day! Here’s a special treat for you…Memorial Day Deals

Ribbon Accented Shirt DIY


Mixed prints have continued to receive mixed reviews from the public. Some people admire the daring looks while others argue that certain pieces simply don’t match. One designer that specializes in mixing prints is Mary Katrantzou. Each of her pieces are crafted with some of the more outlandish textiles yet they offer an elegant and sophisticated presence. We became very inspired by the unexpectedness of her pieces that we opted to create our own patterned shirt. Using our M&J Ribbons, we transformed an ordinary shirt into something extraordinary


Mary-Katrantzou-1024x554Mary Katrantzou’s Runway collection 



25 MM French Double Faced Satin Ribbon in Aqua Style# 54789
25 MM French Double Faced Satin Ribbon in Black Style#54789
1″ Imported Chromspun Grosgrain in Aqua Style #02224
15MM Grosgrain Fantasy Ribbon in Wine Combo Style #34304
5/8″ Grosgrain in Polka Dot Style #39005


Prior to setting anything down, lay your ribbon down on your shirt. Make sure you like the way each ribbon looks next to one another. Once you have okay’d the pattern remove the ribbon. At this point you should just have your shirt lying down on a flat surface.


One by one, glue each piece of ribbon down in a straight line. Place a small amount of glue on the ribbon and spread it out with the nossel of your glue.
This will prevent bumps in thinner pieces of ribbon.


Continue to glue down each piece of ribbon untill your pattern is complete.



If you had used a button up shirt flip your shirt inside out. By doing so you will be able to see where both sides meet and needs to be cut. Once you have assessed where the center is cut all four pieces of ribbon.


Now that the shirt has dried, cut the additional ribbon off of both sides. We used the seams as a means of measurement.


We wanted our shirt to have a more refined appeal so we added our polka dot ribbon as a finish.


After gluing the ribbon down we held it for several seconds, tucking in all of the excess fray strands.


Since we had some leftover ribbon lying around, we opted to glue it down on either side creating a slimming appearance.


We’re so happy with the way our our ribbon accented shirt DIY turned out.


Mother’s Day Jewelry Box DIY


We have a special Mother’s Day Treat for you…
Mothers Day Promo

Mother’s Day is dedicated to celebrating moms everywhere. What could be better than showing mom you truly care than creating something especially for her. Take your childhood skills up a notch with this swoon worthy jewelry box DIY. Moms everywhere will be wondering where they can get one.



Jewelry Box (The Container Store)

Magna Tac Glue

20MM Cup Loose Sequin-NAVY

20MM Cup Loose Sequin-PINK

20MM Cup Loose Sequin-SILVER

20MM Cup Loose Sequin- WHITE OPAQUE


Upon opening each of the 20MM Loose Sequin packs, we mixed them together in the top of our jewelry box. We then laid our jewelry box on its side which created an easy work surface. We placed a small amount of Magna Tac glue down quickly placing a 20MM cup loose sequin on top.


As we became more comfortable with the process, we progressed from gluing down one sequin at a time to gluing down many at once. We placed a strip of glue down and placed a row of sequins.


We repeated this process for each side of the jewelry box.



The greatest part about a DIY often comes in the middle of a project. During this time, you may question what can be tweeked or come up with something new. During this time, we noticed our jewelry box was missing something and picked up some of our Double Faced Silk Ribbon in Pink.


We put a small amount of glue on our Double Faced Silk Ribbon and wrapped it around the side of our jewelry box top. This added a bit of elegance and charm any mother would certainly love.



We took the remainder of our Double Faced Silk Ribbon and finished off our jewelry box by creating a bow.




We added a card and our gift is ready to go!

Martha Stewart’s Secret Source!


By Blerona

M&J Trimming is so happy, excited & honored to see a full-page feature of M&J Trimming in Martha Stewart Weddings Summer 2011 Issue! Martha Stewart Weddings is the perfect magazine for helping you plan your wedding with great tips in diy, fashion, and decorations we are happy to know that they feel the same way about us. Be sure to pick up a copy in a local store today.

“New York City’s craft mecca, our one-stop shop for the best DIY details” -Martha Stewart Weddings.

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Velvet Ribbon

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Unique Stitch Glue and Magna-Tax 

Fabric Flowers
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Pins and Needles
Large Fancy Safety Pin, Sewing Needles

DIY Picture Frame Holder


By Blerona

Decorating your children’s room can be so fun, makes you feel like a kid again with all the arts and crafts involved. It’s the best part of a room because the creativity is endless and nothing can look to childish. Which is why decided to make this super cool picture frame holder for boys room. Since I’m in love with the 3-d pop-out picture frames i decided to incorporate it into the frame holder for pictures, here’s is what I came up with.



  • Step1: Take your empty picture frame and remove the glass.
  • Step 2: Measure and cut the felt to fit within the picture frame. Then hot glue it the closing part of the frame.
  • Step 3: Measure and cut the pom-pom fringe, you can measure it diagonally or horizontally on the frame before cutting, then t-pin or tape down
  • Step 4: Take one end of the felt ribbon and hot glue it to the frame (be sure to glue it under the pom-pom fringe)
  • Step 5: Once it is dry, pull the ribbon down in a straight line and hot glue it to the end of the board and cut.
  • Step 5: Continue steps four and five with all three ribbons, alternating colors.
  • Step 6: Once all the ribbons have been hot glued, hot glue the pom-pom fringe and remove the t-pins or tape.
  • Step 7: Hot glue the flower buttons in desired locations around the frame.
  • Step 8: Glue the letters to your child’s name above the pom-pom fringe. (I printed out my letters from the computer)
  • Step 9: Optional: I cut the pom-poms off the extra trim and glued them on the ribbons.

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DIY Card or Picture Holder


By: Goldie

Now that Holiday Season is in full swing I am sure that you’ve all got an enormous amount of cards poring in.  Running out of room on the mantel? We may have a solution for you; this project is quick and relatively inexpensive.  All you will need is; some ribbon, left over fabric, and a hot glue gun, and you’re in business. 


  • Piece of foam cork, we cut ours down to 24” x 24”
  • 1 ½ yard of each ribbon you’d like to use
  •  Piece of fabric 2” larger than the measurement of your foam cork
  • Glue gun and glue sticks


  1. Cut foam cork down to desired size
  2. Place foam cork over top pressed fabric and center.  Starting on one side fold over 1” remaining fabric and hot glue to the back of cork.  I like to glue the corners over first at a 45 degree angle before the sides; I believe it makes the cleanest looking corners.
  3. Cut ribbon 2” longer than your board. Lay them out the way you desire.
  4. Fold ends towards the back and hot glue.  You may want to pull out a ruler to be sure you get them all nice and straight.
  5. Fill with your holiday cards or pictures and enjoy! 

DIY Video Week Four: Hand Dyed Fringe Necklace


One of my favorite DIY’s so far, check out this new DIY Holiday Gift Idea Video to learn how to make this statement piece one of kind necklace.Perfect for a night out, pair it with a plain top and jeans. This fun DIY will have heads turning.

Go to DIY Videos for materials used