Uses for Wrapping Paper

The moment after the presents have been unwrapped, reality sets in. You have a living room full of paper scraps that will undoubtedly end up in the garbage. Not this year! This year you can reuse those glittering pieces of paper to make your life more colorful and make you feel better about reusing that … Continue reading Uses for Wrapping Paper

DIY: Hanging Metal Planter

Earth Day is one of our favorite holidays because, as big fans of the DIY movement, we LOVE recycling and reusing to make chic projects while also reducing our carbon footprint.  This Earth Day we decided to use our trims to make a recycled DIY that serves a very green purpose! You'll work with a recycled … Continue reading DIY: Hanging Metal Planter

Earth Day DIY Roundup

Earth Day is just a few days away, celebrate the DIY way with these awesome earth-friendly ideas! Make your own beautiful, living wall art with this moss graffiti DIY! Miss Kris does it again with these recycled plastic and crystal earrings! Recycle, reuse, and make music. That's how the saying goes, right? Make some mini … Continue reading Earth Day DIY Roundup