DIY: Horned Pendant Necklace

We love mixing materials to make pieces that are truly unique. For this week's DIY we took inspiration from the festival styles that are all the rage this time of year and mixed metal, stone and leather to create a necklace that will look great will all of your bohemian outfits this season!   What … Continue reading DIY: Horned Pendant Necklace

Halloween DIY: Gilded Goddess Statement Necklace

If you've ever wanted to realize your inner goddess, we have the first step to your transformation. This epic statement necklace features chunky pendants, chains in an assortment of sizes and shapes, and beautiful beaded trim.  2 5/8” Bugle/Seed Beaded Fringe 1 1/4” Square Linked Chain 1 1/8” Metallic Circle Chain Gold Sunflower Pendant 13mm … Continue reading Halloween DIY: Gilded Goddess Statement Necklace

Studded Necklace DIYs

Spice up your Sunday afternoon with a few DIYs that are bound to make your autumn outfits a little more interesting. Add some spikes and nailheads to your craft kit, and whip up a few of these edgy necklaces! What's sassier than a fringe necklace? A fringe necklace with studs of course! This gorgeous necklace … Continue reading Studded Necklace DIYs

Lace Jewelry Inspiration

We love an unconventional approach to jewelry as much as the next fashionista, but we especially adore jewelry that's made out of one of our favorite trims: lace! It's romantic, has a vintage vibe, and is light and perfect for spring. Sequins and an ombre dye are one way to liven up a pair of … Continue reading Lace Jewelry Inspiration

4 Ways to Embellish with Statement Pieces for Fashion Week Part One: Fun Feather Collar

Necklaces are the standard when it comes to dressing up your neck, but sometimes it's better to do your own thing and really make a statement! Stand out from the flock with this gorgeous feather collar. It's so simple to make, and looks so elegant on. What You'll Need: 4-5 Light Blue Feather Patches #42641 … Continue reading 4 Ways to Embellish with Statement Pieces for Fashion Week Part One: Fun Feather Collar

Reuse Holiday Ribbon

The presents have been wrapped, the cookies have been iced, and the seasonal DIYs are done. Well..almost. Before you throw out that holiday ribbon that's wrapping your present, give it another glance. Ribbon is like DIY platinum. It's a great resource to DIY with! Trust us on this one. We went all the way back … Continue reading Reuse Holiday Ribbon

DIY Roundup: Make a Statement

If you want to jazz up your outfit without having to get out of your comfy tee and favorite jeans, we have a fashionable suggestion. Throw on a statement necklace! Dainty chains need not apply because this piece is meant to draw some attention! The easiest way to get your hands on one of these … Continue reading DIY Roundup: Make a Statement

Project DIY: Introducing Joan of Arc

Every month we make it a point to bring you the most cutting-edge and trendy collections, and we work with our designers to produce top-quality projects using only the best materials. November's collection was inspired by a tough girl whose story (and style) stands the test of time. We're talking about the one and only … Continue reading Project DIY: Introducing Joan of Arc

DIY: Medieval Renaissance Choker Necklace

At M&J Trimming we have no qualms about our love of lace. This Renaissance-inspired DIY is perfect for those ladies who share our love of the dainty look of white lace. What You'll Need: Stretch Lace #57291 Oval Woman Head Cameo #41584 E-6000 Glue Snaps Scissors   1. Take your lace trim, and wrap it around your … Continue reading DIY: Medieval Renaissance Choker Necklace

Top 5 Floral D.I.Y

Top 5 Floral D.I.Y's This week we are obsessed with floral prints. The once girly print has transitioned itself into a wearable everyday piece.  Each of these D.I.Y Bloggers has showcased a floral project in a diverse way making these blogger our top 5 d.i.y's of the week. Click on the images for the full … Continue reading Top 5 Floral D.I.Y