Double Chain Pendant Necklace DIY


This Italian Pendant gives off a rich sophistication. We love how the natural essence of the stone works well with the antique chain. We felt that doubling the chain adding a very modern polish to the otherwise simple DIY.


2 ½” Acrylic Pendant
6MM Metal Link Chain
7.5MM Jumprings-Gold

Cut your chain in half using your pliers.

Bend each chain in half once more.

Add a jump ring to the 2 ½” Acrylic Pendant. Be sure to open your jump ring in a North to South direction.

Attach the middle portion of your chain to the jump ring prior to closing it. Repeat this step for the opposite side as well.

Your necklace will look like the below image at this point.


Connect each of the outer chains with a jump ring.


Attach a clasp to one end of the chain.


There you have it! Your doubled chain necklace!


Gem Stone Necklace DIY


We’ve combined some of our favorite M&J materials to create this jaw dropping  lucite gem stone necklace.



Tear Drop Pendant Style No 45063

Shimmering Marbleized Acrylic Pendant Style No. 31859

5 MM Jewelry Metal Chain


Hole Puncher

Jump Rings

E-6000 Glue



Cut the felt into a unique shape. This will be used as the base of your necklace, so make sure your pendants will fit comfortably on this surface.

Cut the Felt

Once you have created the base silhouette, lay the shape down on a flat surface. At this point, you will plan out where each pendant will sit.


Using your E-6000, apply a small amount of glue on both the pendant and the fabric. This allows the glue to hold much better over time.


Continue gluing each pendant down until you are satisfied with your necklace.


It is not time to attach the jump rings and the chain.


Depending on how you would like the necklace to hang, you can place the chain closer to the center or closer to the side.  Just be sure to make the points are an equal distance apart from one another.


Since our chain is long enough, we can easily put it on and off without a clasp. DSC_0142What do you think of our gem stone DIY Necklace?

Lanvin Inspired Varsity DIY Necklace


Even though we’re loving varsity embellishments on sweaters, jackets, beanies and scarves we opted to go in a different direction. Inspired by Lanvin’s Fall 2013 collection, we created this Varsity Letter necklace.
Enjoy the diy and check out for supplies 

Lanvin’s Fall 2013 Collection



2” Sequin Letters Heat Seal Letters Silver/Grey/White

3 Denim Iron-On Patches

7MM Flat Curb Chain

11MM Flat Chain

19MM Metal Chain

6MM Molded Pearls


Safety Pins

Varsity DIY Supplies MJ Trimming


Iron two of the Denim Iron-On Patches together back to back with the denim on the outside.

Varsity DIY Supplies MJ Trimming

Place your 2” Sequin Letters Heat Seal Letters Silver/Grey/White where you’d like it to appear.

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Carefully flip it over so the letter is facing down on the ironing board.

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Gently iron the back of the denim. The heat causes the 2” Sequin Letters Heat Seal Letters Silver/Grey/White to stay in place.
Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Once your 2” Sequin Letters Heat Seal Letters Silver/Grey/White feels secure, flip the denim over.
Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Glue pearls around the 2” Sequin Letters Heat Seal Letters Silver/Grey/White creating a circle outline. Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Cut the excess denim off around the 6MM Molded Pearls.

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

OPTION 1: Sew your chain around the 6MM Molded Pearls creating an additional border.
(as shown)
OPTION 2: Glue your chain around the 6MM Molded Pearls creating an additional border

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Regardless of which option you selected for the previous step, leave an inch of 7MM Flat Curb Chain at the top.
Now safety pin the remaining chain together. Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Carry your 11MM Flat Chain chain through the loop you had just created.  

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Use an additional safety pin to secure both the 19MM Metal Chain and the 11MM Flat Chain  
Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming