Glitter N Glue uses our M&J Trims

We’re huge fans of Glitter N Glue, and can’t get enough of her DIYs. Each morning we quickly log onto her site anticipating greatness. We were thrilled to see our 6-Row Plastic Square Trim. Be sure to check out the full satchel bag DIY tutorial on Glitter N Glue’s latest DIY Post!




Home Depot Guest Post: All About Windows


All About Windows (Trappings and Treatments and Trim, Oh My!)

They say windows are the “eyes” of a home. In the same way that mascara, liner and eye shadow can convey different messages based on how they are applied, various types of window dressings can express different styles in a room.  Here are some different ways you can cover your casement windows and give your home that distinctive and personal look. Let’s expound a bit more as we discuss some ideas for the myriad messages and numerous ways you can cover your casement windows.

Roman Shades

First on the list is the elegant roman shade. Whether mounted on the inside or outside of the window, roman shades prove crisp, clean lines that help define the parameters of both the window and the overall room.

Here are some general ways to achieve a custom look when you create your own treatments:

When you have a smaller room or have other busy patterns on the furniture or bedding, consider a clean and simple fabric or pattern for your shades for simple understatement.

Use fabric with edge banding or add trim to add color contrast and definition to your shades.

Drawback Curtains

This is where you can really show your style! With drawback curtains, you not only have the particular fabric through which to express your personality, you also have various hardware and trim options to add to the mix. Here are some suggestions on the different “feels” you can evoke through specific pairings of fabric and trappings.

The Eco Advocate

Using organic fabrics and all natural materials can indicate your dedication to bringing the outdoors in while keeping your carbon footprint outside to a minimum.

Why not drape organic cotton curtains from a unique bamboo rod? Tie it all together with jute strips or lengths of rope as tiebacks.

Alternatively, attach a strip of natural jute trim to the edge of your curtains. You can find these in varying widths and styles – some of the knit braids even have a shimmer to add a bit of sparkle! Select a fabric in a darker color for contrast or in a complementary pattern that will coordinate with the jute’s neutral color.

From Red Carpets to Royalty

Not much says “luxury” and “extravagance” quite like heavy drapes or richly colored tapestry-style curtains. From silk to velvet to heavy brocade, just-above-floor to just-below-ceiling hanging curtains help to elongate a room and add an “A-List” touch of class.

All bets are off when it comes to the styles of trim these regal beauties can pull off. Consider pairing these types of curtains with silk ties, braided cords, ribbons, or fringe and piping with beads or tassels – when done tastefully, you can make it the more the merrier!

For hanging heavy drapes, go with thick rods in brushed metal finishes – just make sure when you mount the rods, they can support the weight of whatever treatments you choose!

What are some of your favorite trims or trappings to add to your window treatments?

Jay Harris is a Home Depot “on the floor” sales associate and a regular contributor to Home Depot’s blog. His interests include providing tips to homeowners on energy efficient windows and casement window advice.



Rhinestone Sale!


Here’s a special promotion just for you…

Palm Island

Trollbeads of the Day

Palm Island


Designed by Lise Aagaard

A small, deserted island with a few palm trees – a classic symbol of peace and tranquility.

Trollbeads now at M&J Trimming NYC


We are excited to announce that M&J Trimming will soon be carrying Trollbeads Jewelry Collection inside of our New York City Showroom starting Wednesday, March 21 2012. Visit our store and take a look at the beautiful collection and find out the story behind every bead.

You can also receive a free sterling silver bracelet with the purchase of a decorative clasp. Click here for more information on Trollbeads.

Trollbeads will only be sold inside M&J Trimming New York Showroom and not on our online website.



One of our Favorite DIY/Fashion NYC Bloggers stopped by M&J Trimming to share her latest fashion obsessions, and gave viewers a tour of one of her favorite stores. Yep you guessed it, M&J Trimming is one of her favorites and we are super ecstatic about it!!

Check out the video of Jenni from I Spy DIY

Click here to see more videos from other bloggers and  Jenni of I Spy DIY on the Digital Divas: Conversations on Style webisodes.

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Lady Gaga- Marry the Night


By Blerona

As huge fans of Lady Gaga not only of her music but her over-the-top couture ensembles, we were so excited to know that she shopped at M&J Trimming herself when she created her own costumes.  You could imagine our surprise and excitement when she mentioned it in her latest music video “Marry the Night”, we just couldn’t believe it.

And if you don’t believe it either be sure to watch the video, and forward it to 7:12 ! Then go back and watch the whole thing because she’s so awesome!!