Four Ways: Embellished Neckline Sweater DIY

Turn up the glam factor by embellishing the collar of your sweater with beaded appliqués. SUPPLIES 55 x 55MM Hot-Fix R.S. Motif E-6000 Sweater- Ours was from H&M STEPS Apply a small amount of glue on the back of your 55 x 55MM Hot-Fix R.S. Motif. HINT: We placed a piece of oak tag in between … Continue reading Four Ways: Embellished Neckline Sweater DIY

Four Ways: Pom Pom Sweater DIY

SUPPLIES Black Sweater (ours was from H&M) Scissors Magna Tac Glue 3/8" Pom Pom Fringe STEPS Cut each pom pom off off your trim. This will leave you with individual pom poms to work with. Using your Magna-Tac, glue each pom pom down onto the sweater. HINT: You may want to put a piece of … Continue reading Four Ways: Pom Pom Sweater DIY

M&J Kids

Now that the summer is officially over, the kids are heading back to school. May we suggest one last shopping trip prior to their first day. Just shopping for supplies... Future Project Runway Winner? We think so

Blogger Highlight: Evelinas Fashion Cafe

We've been following Evelinas Fashion Cafe for quite some time and can't get enough of her fashion forward and not to mention easy to follow projects.  We adore her Emilio Pucci Clutch Tutorial along with her Stella McCartney bag DIY. Since Fashion Week is rapidly approaching, we felt it was the perfect time to whip up … Continue reading Blogger Highlight: Evelinas Fashion Cafe

Blogger Challenge: Trinkets in Bloom

Cathy Attix is the creator of Trinkets in Bloom, a fashion DIY blog with an eye for design and creative expression. Her DIY’s are inspired by runway fashion, street style and vintage finds. She brings more than fifteen years of fashion industry experience to her creations and a lifetime of creativity and experience to her … Continue reading Blogger Challenge: Trinkets in Bloom

Beaded Headband DIY Tutorial

Call us a tad bit biased, but we can't help our latest obsession over our foldover elastic trim. Here's a fun and easy DIY tutorial for the wearable elastic. SUPPLIES 18MM Foldover Elastic Trim 1.5" Bugle/Seed Beaded Leaf Trim Apply a decent amount of E-6000 glue along your elastic band. Place your 1.5" Bugle/Seed Beaded Leaf … Continue reading Beaded Headband DIY Tutorial

Easy DIY Barrette

We love sprucing up our locks, but sometimes we wake up wanting to snooze another ten minutes rather than dedicating that time on our hair. This easy to do barrette transformation will take less than five minutes to complete and give you an excuse to sleep in. Simply clip your hair up with this chain barrette … Continue reading Easy DIY Barrette

DIY Spiked Necklace Inspiration

When browsing Shopbop, one of our favorite go-to sites for inspiration, we became enthralled by Joomi Lim's latest collection. The punk carnival bracelet stood out for several reasons. It's not only stunning, but something we could easily replicate. Here at M&J we carry chains, clasps and screw on nails making this a very simple DIY. … Continue reading DIY Spiked Necklace Inspiration

Monster Mash

Maybe Kanye West was onto something when he came out with the song Monster.  We'd hate to boost his ego even more but the monster trend has been escalating immensely ever since the song's release. How cute are these monster-influenced fashions? We couldn't wait until winter to show them off!