M&J Trimming On Teen.com (DIY Headbands)

Our designer, Abby and M&J Trimming was recently featured on Teen.com TV.  As headbands continue being a popular must-have, Abby teaches you how to create some easy and beautiful pieces.  Click here to watch the video clip of Abby teaching you the simple techniques.

Rhinestone Workshop This Sunday

Swarovski Rhinestone Workshop There's still some time left to sign up for this weekend's Swarovski Rhinestone Application Workshop.  The workshop is held at M&J Trimming's NYC retail store on Sixth Avenue.  Come and join the fun as our guest speaker from Swarovski teaches you how to apply hot-fix rhinestones onto 10 different types of fabrics.  … Continue reading Rhinestone Workshop This Sunday

Video Of M&J on 2/19/09

By Dara Many of you may have visited M&J Trimming's retail store before.  In case you wanted to know what it was like at M&J today, I recorded the crowd in the store.  This video clip was taking on February 19, 2009 at about 1pm EST.  To watch the video in high quality, click on … Continue reading Video Of M&J on 2/19/09