Guy DIY: Red Racer Jacket


When it comes to creating DIYs just for the guys, Carlos is the man to see. He’s back with a cool jacket inspired by our other favorite MJ, Michael Jackson!

Red Jacket Before DIY

This DIY features our 6 Row Plastic Square Trim. This 8mm Iron-On Pyramid Nailhead Trim is another great option because the single strand allows for varying widths (and it comes in neon colors). As you can see, we started out with a simple red and black striped jacket. The only thing missing on this jacket was some of Carlos’s DIY flair.

Laying Down Trim

The first step was to measure how much trim we would need for the DIY. If you don’t have a jacket with stripes already on it, lay the trim on the shoulder, and extend it to the bottom of the jacket. Carlos also put the trim down the sleeve of the jacket.

Cutting Trim

He then cut each piece of trim to fit the stripes on his jacket.

Cutting Trim

Carlos had zippers on the end of his sleeves, so he cut out a row of studs in the middle so that his zippers stayed functional.

Gluing Trim with Hot Glue

Then he glued down the trim with a hot glue gun. This is just to give the trim extra hold because the next step involves sewing the trim to give it that much more stability.

Gluing Trim with Hot Glue

He made sure to glue those loose stud strips individually. If your jacket has zippers like this one, be sure to glue down the ends! Sleeves usually get the most wear and tear on jackets, so this will help your trim from flying away.

Sewing Trim to Red Jacket

Carlos sewed the trim down after the glue had dried. If you’re doing this project at home make sure to wait until the hot glue is completely dry, otherwise you might burn your hands!

Finished Studded Red Jacket

When you’re done, you’ll be left with a jacket that is fashionable, fun, and a little edgy. This DIY is perfect for refreshing an old jacket, and can easily be used on a woman’s jacket too!


Do you have a piece that needs a little more pizzazz? Come see Carlos at M&J Trimming! He will help you take any item from average to incredible!

DIY King of Pop Military Inspired Jacket


By Roseann


I suspect that we will see a lot of MJ impersonators this Halloween, so I’d like to help those who are interested in celebrating the King of Pop’s iconic style do it right.  The late pop star’s style was always evolving and maturing from his bell bottoms and afro in the early 1960’s to tailored and refined yet glitzy looks of late.  While the white glitter glove became the corner stone of MJ’s on stage uniform, military inspired jacket’s endowed with cording, crests, and rich shoulder embellishment will forever remain inscribed in my mind as his most important contribution to fashion.  Creating the jacket is easy and paired with the right accessories will make a great Halloween costume or an awesome addition to your closet this Fall.  





How to:  

  1. Remove the buttons from your jacket.
  2. Cut 8 pieces of metallic cord to 8” long.
  3. Curve the cord around so that the two sides are parallel to each other and the ends are even.
  4. For ease of workability I stitched the parallel sides together
  5. Remove the closure loop and knob of your frogs, you just need the design loops.
  6. Glue the rhinestone appliqués to the shoulders of the jacket.   If this piece is for more than costume, I recommend stitching the appliqués on.
  7. Attach your patches or crest to the left arm.  In case you wanted to get really authentic you could attach a band of ribbon or leather around the right arm.
  8. Glue or stitch (recommended) the metallic cord pieces to the front of the jacket in place of the buttons and covering the button holes.
  9. Attach the ornament portion of the frogs over the unfinished ends of the cords
  10. Measure 1 ½” from the end of the sleeve and mark.  Following these marks sew or glue the remaining metallic cord around the sleeve.  Depending on how much is remaining you could do a second row.
  11. If you used glue let dry for 24 hours before wearing out.
  12. Happy dressing up!

As the curtain closes, his legend lives on…



It has been one week since the king of pop, Michael Jackson has passed away.  Our sincere condolence goes out to his family. 

 It was 30 years ago when Michael first visits M&J Trimming in NYC.  His lively personality and creativity brought smiles to those who worked with him.  He always had an input on the designs of his world famous costumes.  His will to be successful and his passion for music will always live on.  He will be missed.