DIY: Metallic Chain Cuff


If you’re in need of a flashy statement accessory that will get you through the holiday season, from holiday party to New Year’s Eve, look no further than this DIY! This metallic chain cuff is just the piece you need to grab the spotlight without looking overdone. We used our flat snake chain to adorn a simple cuff, and the result looks like liquid gold! DSC_0001

What You’ll Need:

Metal cuff

6mm Flat Metal Snake Chain





DSC_00051. Take your chain and cut seven 1″ pieces.

DSC_00072. Add E6000 to your syringe. Start adding glue about a half inch up from one side and ending one half inch up from the other side.

DSC_0015 3. Place one piece of chain at the top making sure one side of the chain is longer than the other side.

DSC_0018 4. Continue down making sure you keep making one side longer than the piece of chain above it. This will create an angle with the chain on the cuff.


Trend Alert: Modern Metallics


This spring metallics took over the runways! From copper to silver, each striking shade showed up in a different style. See some of our favorite runway iterations of this dazzling trend below!

Versace Spring 2014 Metallic Silver Dress

This silver dress from Versace looks as slick and slinky as a mermaid tail! This gorgeous dress highlights the versatility of the this trend. Metallics can be modern, fantastic, feminine, or masculine.

Givenchy Spring 2014

Givenchy made metallics their own in 2014 by using them on bold and geometric pieces. The unusual shades helped add interest to the mix.

Valentin Yudashkin Spring 2014

The metallic looks at Valentin Yudashkin Spring 2014 did not fail to impress with their intricate filigree shapes balanced by looser flowing skirts.

Proenza Schouler Spring 2014 Metal Corset


Did you ever think you’d see a copper crop top? If a cropped metal breastplate has always been a fashion wish of yours, look no further than Proenza Schouler. Wearing a statement piece like this will instantly give you the skills to command a French army, or at least the confidence of Joan of Arc.

Dries van Noten White Dress with Gold Details

This dress from Dries van Noten introduces hits of gold throughout the collection. This unique white dress gets the Midas touch with ruffled accents.

This spring metallics aren’t just for jewelry. How will you be rocking this gilded trend?

Project DIY: Joan of Arc Inspiration


Chain mail, bold details, mixed metals, and an overall tough-girl feel are the elements which inspired us to center Project DIY’s November collection around the famous fighter, Joan of Arc. If you haven’t seen the Project DIY Joan of Arc collection featuring this famed heroine, take a look!

Cate Blanchett in Armor VogueNatalia Vodianova Knight

Although Joan of Arc led thousands of men into battle, we can’t forget that she was still a teenage girl. We wanted to mix the strong and powerful elements of a warrior, with some more delicate and feminine pieces.

Armored Sleeves and Rhinestone Bodysuit EditorialLong Blonde Hair and Armor Editorial

We loved the look of heavy metal armor and the idea of mixing metals. You’ll see a lot of different metallic elements which work really well together throughout this collection .

Knight Helmet and Chain Mail Editorial

Chain mail was another element we really wanted to incorporate into the Joan of Arc collection because it was such an important stylistic feature of the times. To get a similar look and feel we added a layered chain to the statement necklace project.

Joan of Arc Studded ArmorAlthough she was a heroine of the past, Joan of Arc’s story and style have endured through the ages because of their ground-breaking ability to completely disregard the status quo. We hope that by creating the pieces in the Project DIY Joan of Arc collection you can take a little bit of Joan’s spirit with you wherever you go!

DIY: Button Necklace


We may be in the minority here, but we love cold weather! There is nothing better than curling up in a sweater while sipping hot cocoa. But bundling up in layers makes it pretty hard to show off those dainty jewelry pieces that were so popular in the summer. And forget about wearing any cute little layered bracelets because they’ll make pulling down those cardigan sleeves impossible! If you still want to accessorize your style this fall/winter, take the dramatic approach and make statement with a bold button necklace!

Button Statement Necklace Materials | M&J Trimming

What You’ll Need:

Thick felt

Jump rings

Small hole puncher

Scissor #40324

Needle #43224 & Thread #42681

16mm Striated Metal Chain #36953

Buttons We Used:

Metal Button w/ Dots #40810

2-Hole Ridge Metal Button #54964

King’s Crest Metal Blazer Button #57331

Animal Print Metal Button #48608

Cross SymbolBlazer Button #58403

Metal Fashion Button #23605

Hammered Metal Button #39747

4-Hole Metal Button #54965

Domed Buds Metal Button #36761

Antique Button w/ Shank #43672

Ornate Metal Button #49004

Metal Button w/ Shank and Floral Design #38726

Half Dome Lion Blazer Button #58811

Folding Felt in Half Button Statement Necklace | M&J Trimming

1. Take your piece of felt, and fold it in half.

Cutting Felt for Button Statement Necklace | M&J Trimming

2. Cut into a half-arc shape, making sure the folded edge of the felt stays intact.

Layout for Button Statement Necklace | M&J Trimming

3. Unfold your felt, and lay out the buttons to create a pattern.

Sewing Button Statement Necklace | M&J Trimming

4. Sew on each button. Some of the buttons are pretty heavy, so make sure you sew each button on a few times to ensure it will not fall off.

Cutting Felt for Button Statement Necklace | M&J Trimming

5. There may be extra felt around your button pattern. You can either leave it, or trim around your buttons. Whatever you decide, make sure you leave some felt on the end of your necklace for your jump ring and chain!

Making Hole for Button Statement Necklace | M&J Trimming

6. Using your hole punch, place a hole on each corner.

Attaching Jump Ring for Button Statement Necklace | M&J Trimming

7. Attach the jump ring and chain. Repeat on other side.

Completed Button Statement Necklace | M&J Trimming

Now that your necklace is done, wear it with any of your cold-weather attire for a bold and beautiful look!

Project DIY: Introducing Joan of Arc

Every month we make it a point to bring you the most cutting-edge and trendy collections, and we work with our designers to produce top-quality projects using only the best materials. November’s collection was inspired by a tough girl whose story (and style) stands the test of time. We’re talking about the one and only Joan of Arc!

We created the Joan of Arc collection with her persona and era in mind. Think lots of chainmail, mixed metals, and pieces that are strong with a feminine edge.

Joan of Arc Cuff | M&J TrimmingJoan of Arc Cuff | M&J Trimming

Our first project is a mixed metal cuff that screams tough girl glam! One of  Joan of Arc’s most inspiring attributes was her ability to be a great leader through mountains of adversity. The idea of a teenage girl leading an army into battle was absolutely unheard of! Plus she wore pants and had a cropped haircut, style icon much? Channel your inner Joan, and be the leader of the fashion pack with this gold and gutsy cuff!

Joan of Arc Statement Necklace | M&J TrimmingJoan of Arc Statement Necklace | M&J Trimming

Our second project is this beautiful necklace that is sure to make a statement anywhere you go! The thick metal chains are reminiscent of the chainmail Joan may have worn in battle, but the silver tubing give the chains a modern edge. We chose the bronze statement pendant because it looked similar to a glammed-up shield.

Joan of Arc Completed Projects | M&J Trimming

We hope you enjoy this month’s Joan of Arc collection, and embrace your inner warrior with this fierce jewelry! Which project are you looking forward to making? If you’re interested in making these beautiful pieces, subscribe to Project DIY today!

Chains on the Runway


Many runway shows are very intimidating. There’s a fierce model walking down with a well calculated soundtrack matching each step. We often overlook the details of each piece. While examining some of the recent runway looks, we came across M&J-like trims that resemble the most coveted pieces.

hbz-ACCESSORIES-FALL-13-BAGS-HAND CARRY-Nina-Ricci-clp-RF13-8604-lgnNina Ricci

57679-220MM Braid With Chain Velvet Ribbon

hbz-ACCESSORIES-FALL-13-BAGS-SHEARLING-Ralph-Lauren-clp-RF13-9004-lgnRalph Lauren

36941-G4MM Metal Chain


42083-n_11 1/2″ Half Stem Aluminum Chain

DIY Metallic Collar


We’ve whipped up collar DIYs before, like our lace collar, but lately we’ve been lusting after a more futuristic look. After spotting some silver faux leather in our store, we knew it would be perfect for a sleek, simple metallic collar. And we’re really loving the industrial look of the metal closure. Follow our instructions below to make it yourself!

1. Gather your supplies. You’ll need: scissors, a needle, silver thread, a metal closure, 1 1/2 ft silver faux leather trim
2. Trim your silver trim into a long trapezoid for your collar. You may want to use a real collared shirt as a template, or simply wrap the trim around your neck and eyeball it. Angle the edges a bit – our trim was 16 inches long at the top, and 17 inches long at the bottom.
3. Thread your needle with the silver thread and tie a knot at the bottom of the thread. Place one end of the metal closure over the top corner of the silver trim, and begin sewing around it to hold it in place. Once it’s secure, tie the thread in a knot in the back and snip the ends.
4. Repeat Step 3 by sewing the other side of the metal closure to the other side of the collar.
5. You’re all done! Simply unclip the metal closure to put the collar on.

Inspirational Handbag Embellishments!


By Blerona

The Handbag Collective Pop-Up on Friday, August 19th was a spectacular event. M&J Trimming was excited to be part of the seminar, educating new designers on how to create their best handbag with M&J Trimmings. And for those who couldn’t make it, I thought I would  send some inspiration your way!

When you think of handbag trimming’s what comes to mind-  D-Rings, handleschains and buckles? Take a closer look. Trimming on handbags are everywhere, they are the little details that make the bag beautiful and unique. The feathers, fur, nailheads, leather detailtrinkets and pendants. The unique buckles, hidden snaps, metal, shell, and novelty buttons, zippers, pop-pom and Leather Fringe, and some Swarovski sew-ons of course; truth is I could go on forever. Depending on the designer you never know what kind of trim you will find. Take a peek at your own bags to see what I mean!

 Here are some inspiration photos of displays we had the Handbag Collective Pop-Up!