Project DIY: Your Projects in January 2014


This month has been super busy for Project DIY! We got to see some of your gorgeous Baroque n’ Roll pieces, released our Film Noir collection and had a chance to meet a few of you at our Project DIY Workshop! Check out some of our favorite Project DIY moments from this month below.

Customized Bracelets from

Customized Earrings from

Rain Blanken, the DIY guru from, customized her creations with indigo nail polish to achieve a tarnished look! We loved this unique way to customize your pieces. Nail polish on metal, who knew?

Customized Joan of Arc Shield Necklace from Workshop

So these Joan of Arc Shield Necklaces from Instagrammers @everyeveryeve @samanthalavine @jumpoverthemoon really knocked our socks off! Each one was similar but different, just like the three friends themselves! We had a blast customizing the Joan of Arc necklaces with you at our Project DIY Workshop, and can’t wait to meet more of you at next month’s meeting!


We love this layered look by Instagram user @Mandersbal! So many different customized options make this piece perfect for any outfit, and are a divine accessory for any silver screen siren.

We can’t wait to see what February has in store, and look forward to seeing your creations in the coming month!

Project DIY: Baroque n’ Roll in the Press

Christmas just passed, but if you have a Project DIY subscription it feels like Christmas comes every month! It seems like word has gotten around about the most creative gift of the holiday season because we’ve seen Project DIY popping up everywhere! The Gifts That Keep on Giving featured Project DIY in their “The Best Gifts That Keep on Giving” article, and suggested it as the gift ‘For the DIY Queen’! Also on the list was Birchbox, the subscription service which delivers beauty samples to your door; Mantry, a subscription box for the manly epicurean; and many other great gift ideas! called the style inspiration for our Joan of Arc Collection “Game of Thrones meets Kate Middleton”. Being compared to a style icon like the Duchess of Cambridge is never a bad thing in our book!

CBS: Live From the Couch Project DIY founder, Bianca Jade, mentioned Project DIY as the perfect gift for the Fashionista in your life in her segment on CBS’s Live from the Couch!

Rain Blanken Joan of Arc Review‘s Rain Blanken reviewed our Joan of Arc collection, calling it inspirational! We loved how she used a watch face she had in her collection to customize the Warrior Cuff. suggested Project DIY in their “Best Gifts for the Ultimate Fashionista” feature! We loved their idea to have a craft party with your most fashion-savvy girlfriends. Sounds like a fun night in to us!

If a Project DIY subscription didn’t make into your Christmas stocking this year, don’t worry. You can always order the latest collection from, and it will come right to your door! Looking for a past collection, like November’s Joan of Arc? You can find it at

Project DIY: Joan of Arc Your Way


If you’re new to Project DIY, it’s a craft subscription box service that brings runway style to your door! (It also happens to be the most creative gift of the season.) The best part about this subscription is the fact that the projects are totally customizable. Here are a few of our favorite customizations of the Joan of Arc collection by our subscribers!

Joan of Arc Shield Necklace from Annamartinah

Check out the stone placement on this Shield Necklace from Instagram user @annamartinah! The silver nail polish used on the necklace gem really pulls together the mixed-metal look.

Carla Marie

Even Carla Marie from Z100 got in on the fun! We love how she placed the circles in the flowers!

Joan of Arc Projects from Mandersbal

Now THIS is what we call customization. Check out the assymetrical placement of decals on this shield necklace by Instagram user @Mandersbal!

Joan of Arc Projects by Mommy Splurge

Blogger Brandy of Mommy Splurge used nail polish to color the stone on her Shield necklace. The finished look is so regal!

We love seeing your take on ProjectDIY collections so keep posting! Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

Project DIY: Joan of Arc Customization

You’ve probably heard about our awesome subscription service, Project DIY. If you haven’t, Project DIY is a craft subscription box that brings materials to make fashion-forward accessories right to your door! This month is inspired by the truest tough-girl, Joan of Arc. Our Joan of Arc collection features strong mixed metals with a feminine edge. If you like the materials but the finished looks just aren’t your style, here are a few ways you can customize them!

Joan of Arc Custom Warrior Cuff Project DIY

The warrior cuff allows for a lot of customization because the small metal elements can be re-arranged any way you like. Make flowers, crosses, or abstract arrangement with the gold pearl trim! If you like your jewelry a little rough around the edges, you can simply leave off the leather trim.

Joan of Arc Nail Polish Jewel

If you want to add a little color to your Shield Necklace, just go through your nail polish collection!

Joan of Arc Customized Shield NecklaceYou can paint the back of the clear gem with any color in your arsenal. Match your nail polish to your shield necklace! (Because matching your shoes with your handbag is so last season.)

Joan of Arc Customized Shield Necklace

What’s your Project DIY strategy? Do you like to make the collections by following the instructions, or do you throw rules out the window when it comes to fashion and accessories? We would love to see what you have come up with this month, so share your pieces with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

Project DIY: Joan of Arc Inspiration


Chain mail, bold details, mixed metals, and an overall tough-girl feel are the elements which inspired us to center Project DIY’s November collection around the famous fighter, Joan of Arc. If you haven’t seen the Project DIY Joan of Arc collection featuring this famed heroine, take a look!

Cate Blanchett in Armor VogueNatalia Vodianova Knight

Although Joan of Arc led thousands of men into battle, we can’t forget that she was still a teenage girl. We wanted to mix the strong and powerful elements of a warrior, with some more delicate and feminine pieces.

Armored Sleeves and Rhinestone Bodysuit EditorialLong Blonde Hair and Armor Editorial

We loved the look of heavy metal armor and the idea of mixing metals. You’ll see a lot of different metallic elements which work really well together throughout this collection .

Knight Helmet and Chain Mail Editorial

Chain mail was another element we really wanted to incorporate into the Joan of Arc collection because it was such an important stylistic feature of the times. To get a similar look and feel we added a layered chain to the statement necklace project.

Joan of Arc Studded ArmorAlthough she was a heroine of the past, Joan of Arc’s story and style have endured through the ages because of their ground-breaking ability to completely disregard the status quo. We hope that by creating the pieces in the Project DIY Joan of Arc collection you can take a little bit of Joan’s spirit with you wherever you go!

Project DIY: Introducing Joan of Arc

Every month we make it a point to bring you the most cutting-edge and trendy collections, and we work with our designers to produce top-quality projects using only the best materials. November’s collection was inspired by a tough girl whose story (and style) stands the test of time. We’re talking about the one and only Joan of Arc!

We created the Joan of Arc collection with her persona and era in mind. Think lots of chainmail, mixed metals, and pieces that are strong with a feminine edge.

Joan of Arc Cuff | M&J TrimmingJoan of Arc Cuff | M&J Trimming

Our first project is a mixed metal cuff that screams tough girl glam! One of  Joan of Arc’s most inspiring attributes was her ability to be a great leader through mountains of adversity. The idea of a teenage girl leading an army into battle was absolutely unheard of! Plus she wore pants and had a cropped haircut, style icon much? Channel your inner Joan, and be the leader of the fashion pack with this gold and gutsy cuff!

Joan of Arc Statement Necklace | M&J TrimmingJoan of Arc Statement Necklace | M&J Trimming

Our second project is this beautiful necklace that is sure to make a statement anywhere you go! The thick metal chains are reminiscent of the chainmail Joan may have worn in battle, but the silver tubing give the chains a modern edge. We chose the bronze statement pendant because it looked similar to a glammed-up shield.

Joan of Arc Completed Projects | M&J Trimming

We hope you enjoy this month’s Joan of Arc collection, and embrace your inner warrior with this fierce jewelry! Which project are you looking forward to making? If you’re interested in making these beautiful pieces, subscribe to Project DIY today!