4 Ways to embellish SUMMER SHOES Part 4: The Studded Sandal DIY


Although we used an iron on trim for this DIY, we wanted to ensure that our neon studs would stay on for the long haul. We initially tried using an iron, and then a hot glue gun, but we ultimately decided that E-6000 was our best bet. That’s the best part about DIY projects, you’re constantly learning and bettering your skills as you go along. We’re more than happy to pass on our useful tips and tidbits with our blogger community. Feel free to share some of your favorite DIY tips with us as well!


SuppliesFlat Sandals that looked a little plain

E-6000 Glue

9MM Iron-On Trim Spike Stud Trim in Neon Yellow


The first thing you will want to do is determine where you would like your neon studs to go. mjtrimming

Once you have decided on the placement, measure and cut the trim accordingly.


Apply E-6000 glue onto both sides of the material that you are sealing and immediately place your trim down.

Repeat this for both shoes.

mjtrimmingWait 24 hours for the E-6000 to properly dry before wearing them.


Check out www.mjtrim.com for your supplies.

Runway Inspiration


The Diesel Black Gold presentation during NYFW last week was filled with edgy inspiration!  Studded jeans, skirts, and jackets walked their runway in a very simple and cool way.  With our addiction to our iron-on nailhead trims, we now have some new ideas on how to put them to use!





DIY Suspender Tee



If you couldn’t tell last week, we are totally in love with our iron-on stud trims!  They are the perfect alternative to not having to apply studs to fabric one by one.  We decided to use some to update a plain tee u  After creating a pair of DIY suspenders a few weeks ago, we decided to continue the trend with a faux suspenders tee!


2-3 yds of  Iron-On Stud Trim

T shirt



Scrap cloth


1.  Cut the amount of trim it will take to go straight up the left side of your shirt and then diagonally across the back to the bottom right.


2.  Lay the trim on the t-shirt, as described above.  Set your iron on high and without steam.  Place the cloth over the trim and hold the iron over each section for a minute.


3.  Repeat steps 1-2 for with trim that will go on the front right side of your shirt and diagonally across the back to the bottom left.

4.  Let the shirt cool and you’ve got a cool, new studded tee!


4 Ways to Embellish Your Fashion Week


Looking for ways to stand out in the crowd for the rest of Fashion Week?  Use some of our stud trim to embellish a hat or use some of our spike chains to create a statement necklace!  Check out all of our favorite selections to create something that will help you stand out in a sea full amazing streetstyle!