Glitz and Glamour

Whoever said diamonds were a girl’s best friend must not have known about Swarovski rhinestones. The affordable gems are just as beautiful as the real thing. Rhinestones can be used to embellish, highlight, decorate or enhance any look. Here at M&J we can’t get enough of them. Whether selecting from a Flatback or Hot-Fix, the color assortments will be sure to blow you away.  Sometimes we find ourselves wishing everything we owned were encrusted in these stones.

1965 Max Factor Campaign Fashion Gone Rouge 2Fashion Gone Rouge 1 Fashion Gone Rouge 3the-libertine-magazine-horoscope-karolin-wolter-by-lado-alexi-and-swarovski-elements-for-vogue-germany-christmas-2012-1Great Dame
emlr_05312013memorialdayweekCheck out our previous rhinestone DIY for even more inspiration. 

Memorial Day Deals


Happy Memorial Day! Here’s a special treat for you…Memorial Day Deals

Limited Time Swarovski Rhinestone Price Reduction


It is that time of the year when most retailers are evaluating how much their Swarovski Rhinestone price should increase by because this is typically the time when Swarovski also increases their prices to vendors.  However, this year, M&J Trimming is taking the other route.  For a limited time we invite you to take advantage of our Swarovski Rhinestone price reduction.  The special reduction is on both small and large packs.  Both flatback rhinestones and hotfix rhinestone prices have been reduced.  We do encourage you to take advantage of this exciting news because it only tempoary.  Customers on our e-mail list will be informed prior to the expiration date. 

If you are not already on our e-mail list, please sign-up to be informed on the expiration date along with future promotions.


Last Chance For Swarovski Rhinestones


This weekend is the last chance to purchase Swarovski Rhinestones at the current price.  The price will increase on February 1st at 12am EST.  Stock-up on rhinetones by no later than Sunday night.  Remember that price changes to Swarovski sew-on jewels are to follow in March.  We’ll post the updates on those price change again as soon as we know exactly when they will increase.