Menorah Inspiration


The Festival of Lights is well underway, and we love the beautiful symbolism behind the 8-day event. Another component we love? The decorations the come with the holiday, specifically the menorah. While the traditional menorah is beautiful, we also love these updated versions that will fit in with any decor you have! From rustic to goofy, there’s one for every theme.
rustic menorah

A silver and gold Manzanita branch menorah. The perfect Chrismukkah centerpiece.





A mustache menorah:




Holiday Decor DIY Roundup


If you would rather spend your money on gifts than decor, here are a few ways to decorate your house for the holidays without having to break the bank! All of these DIYs are easy to create, and will leave your guests impressed.
Ribbon Wreath from The 36th Avenue

This dazzling wreath by the 36th Avenue is the perfect addition to any doorway. You would think wrapping a wreath in one style of ribbon might look a little boring, but that’s obviously not the case when using a ribbon coated in glitter!

Christmas Star DIY from Vosges Paris

This rustic Christmas star is unassuming and quaint. It’s ideal for those who subscribe to the theory that less is more.

Bottle Brush Dye DIY

Some people use a limited color palette for the holidays: red and green, gold and silver, blue and white. If you don’t like limiting yourself to only two or three colors, take a look at the tutorial above to learn how to dye bottle brush trees!

Color Blocked Menorah Centerpiece from Confetti Pop

We love the bold pop of color on this disassembled menorah by Confetti Pop, and the assorted color blocking patterns create a mix-and-match look!

Gingerbread Centerpiece from Hanielas

Make your holidays sweet with a gingerbread centerpiece, and try thinking outside of the house. This Eiffel Tower centerpiece from Hanielas is simple, elegant and romantic. Perfect for a pair of Francophiles celebrating the season!

From wreaths to ornaments, this is the most decor heavy season of the year! What’s your holiday decoration strategy?

Holiday Gift Guide


Are you a serial gift card giver? It’s time to break the habit, and get personal with your holiday gifts. Here are a few suggestions for those who are new to the gift-giving game.

Working Man's Hygiene Kit from Uncommon Goods

The Undercover Groomer – This Working Man’s Hygiene Kit from Uncommon Goods is a great gift idea for that man in your life who works with his hands, but still wants to keep them baby-soft. He may accept it begrudgingly, but he’ll be smiling on the inside.

Project DIY Joan of Arc Warrior Cuff

The Fashion Savvy Pinner – You know that friend who says she wants to get crafty and make things, but the excuses always seem to pile up? Take those excuses out of the equation with a Project DIY gift subscription! Project DIY is a carefully curated collection of DIY accessories that are perfect for crafting beginners, and the boxes come with everything your friend needs to start making envy-worthy fashion pieces. The best part is that it comes right to your door every month! The individual projects are also fantastic stocking stuffers.

Clue Game from Restoration Hardware

The Playful Party Host – Bringing people together and creating lasting memories are the number one goals of a great host. Give them a helping hand with this Vintage Bookshelf Edition of Clue! Guests won’t only be wondering if it was Professor Plum in the ballroom with a candlestick, they’ll also be wondering where to find such an aesthetically pleasing version of the game.

Barnes and Nobles Collectible Edition

The Design-Conscious Bookworm – Barnes and Nobles reinvents their classics collection with beautiful hardcover editions. Replace the torn and overworked copy of their favorite novel with one of these gorgeous books! There are a lot of great classics to choose from. So whether they enjoy the twisted world of Wonderland or want to delve into the world of philosophy with Plato, they’re sure to be pleasantly surprised.

Garden Plate & Utensils

Picky Eaters – You know how kids are always told NOT to play with their food? This Garden Plate let’s them do the opposite with a bunch of garden “tools”/utensils. Why can’t eating be more fun? Plus, imagining that they grew their own vegetables in their plate may encourage them to eat more greens! No guarantees though.

Do you have any more gift suggestions to add to the list? Let us know below!