Spring Hair Accessory DIY Roundup


The days are getting longer and the nights are getting warmer, which means those cable-knit beanies no longer stand between you and your fabulous ‘do! Here are some great spring accessories to make your hair stand out.

Button Hair Pin from Thanks I Made It

This button hair pin from Thanks I Made It is literally the easiest thing to make, but it looks so fabulous! If you want to try your hand at this super simple DIY, try using our Dark Crystal Rhinestone Button or the Dome Rhinestone Beaded Button.

Anthropologie-Inspired Hair Pins from Little Miss Mama

These fabric barrettes from Little Miss Mama are vintage chic, and the perfect way to dress up a casual hairstyle.

Leather Hair Tie from Cupcakes and Cashmere

If you’re a ponytail girl, this DIY from Cupcakes and Cashmere is for you! This leather hair tie is like ponytail insta-chic. Make it with some pastels in time for spring, and you’re

Trinkets in Bloom Feather Pins

These feathered hair pins from Trinkets in Bloom are the perfect way to add bohemian beauty to your updo.

Love Maegan French Pouf

This chiffon and tulle hair accessory from Love Maegan can also be worn as a broach! Whatever way you wear it, it’s a romantic addition to any ensemble!

The Right Light DIY Roundup


Taking on a DIY that involves wires and lights may seem daunting at first, but it’s really just like any other DIY! Take a look at some of our favorite DIYs that will add some light to any dreary day.

Just Something I Made Paper House Luminaries

This incredible house luminary from Just Something I Made would look so cute around the holidays. It’s perfectly warm and cozy!

Modern Brass Chandelier

This modern brass chandelier from Trend Hunter looks way more expensive than it is to make. It’s minimalist design really allows the shape of the bulbs to shine.

Globe Pendant Light

This pendant light created from a globe is a quirky way to incorporate the map trend into your home, and the tutorial from Our Boat House is pretty easy!

Bead Chandelier

This beaded chandelier from The Hunted Interior makes use of all of those Mardi Gras beads that you may have laying around next week so don’t throw them out!

Moroccan Wedding Blanket Pendant

Design Sponge created this amazing pendant lamp using fringe tassel trim and metallic ribbon. Just imagine all of the variations YOU could make with items from M&J!

Don’t be afraid to delve into new DIY adventures because learning new skills is always really exciting! Especially when the fruits of your labor become something you can see and use every day!

What A Wallet DIY Roundup


What’s something really useful that you could definitely DIY in less than a day? A wallet! They’re simple, but can make a real style statement. They’re also the perfect presents for loved ones. The best part? You could probably make all of the ones listed below in one Sunday afternoon.

Color Me Domestic Fabric Wallet

This fabric option by Color Me Domestic is crafty, girly and fun! And while the button she used in her tutorial is a beloved basic, we can’t help but dream of which buttons we would use!

Lovely Indeed Business Card Holder

More of a card holder than a wallet, this style from Lovely Indeed is so sleek that it will make a memorable impact with anyone who sees it. Love the gold leaf for added luxury!

Leather Wallet from Oh Sweet Joy

This leather wallet from Oh Sweet Joy is the PERFECT present for any guy in your life. It’s homemade and stylish, but rugged and manly all the same.

Love Maegan Wallet

Love Maegan upgraded her wallet with some divine gold accents that we just can’t get enough of! The designs add a fun update to this basic style.

ILDACT Card HolderThis card holder is perfect for those of us who make shopping a sport, or happen to be members at a lot of libraries. Keep your cards organized with this cool DIY!

These DIYs make us want to keep our wallets out just a little bit longer when we’re at checkout, just in case someone is checking out our fine handiwork.

Favorite Blog Post


The numbers of blogs available online have grown increasingly fast in the past few years.  There are blogs about politics, movies, life, fashion and even garment embellishments. 

There’s so many things you can do with buttons, ribbons and trims.  We’d like to share with you some of our favorite blog posts and their unique creations. 


Arts & Crafts:

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HemiDemiSemiQuaver – Ribbon Flower


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 Just One More Line… – Ribbon Purse


Zakka Life – Ribbon & Button Brooch