Independent Handbag Designer Awards

This year we were once again proud sponsors of the Independent Handbag Designer Awards, an awards show that displays some of the most inventive and unique accessories from designers all over the world. Now in its 8th year, the entries were out of this world! And while all of them were a spectacular feat of … Continue reading Independent Handbag Designer Awards

Top 5 DIY Handbags

After wearing the same coat everyday during this wintery weather, we've been looking for cool accessories to change things up!  Handbags really make a difference to any outfit.  After making our DIY Spiked Shoulder Handbag on Monday, we were completely intrigued to find more options and these are our other favorite DIY handbags! DIY Striped … Continue reading Top 5 DIY Handbags

2nd Annual Independent Handbag Designer Award

THE INDEPENDENT HANDBAG DESIGNER AWARDS™ Handbag Designer 101 invites you to compete in the Second Annual Independent Handbag Designer Awards™, the only handbag competition of its kind in the world.To participate in the open call, you are required to upload one digital jpeg image any one or more of the following categories: Best Student Made … Continue reading 2nd Annual Independent Handbag Designer Award