Bag of Bones Inspiration

The skeleton is a classic symbol of Halloween, but sometimes creepy and cool intersect and we're left with accessories we want to wear well past the scariest night of the year! There's something inherently intriguing about skeletons and bones. Whatever the reason is, we've definitely got them under our skin!   These insane exoskeleton shoes by … Continue reading Bag of Bones Inspiration

Cute Kids Costumes

For kids, Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year. They get to dress as their favorite characters, and walk from house to house retrieving candy. Who wouldn't love that? But there are perks for adults too, like seeing all of the adorable costumes that the little ones don each year! If you're … Continue reading Cute Kids Costumes

Halloween DIY: Gilded Goddess Statement Necklace

If you've ever wanted to realize your inner goddess, we have the first step to your transformation. This epic statement necklace features chunky pendants, chains in an assortment of sizes and shapes, and beautiful beaded trim.  2 5/8” Bugle/Seed Beaded Fringe 1 1/4” Square Linked Chain 1 1/8” Metallic Circle Chain Gold Sunflower Pendant 13mm … Continue reading Halloween DIY: Gilded Goddess Statement Necklace

Clever Costume Inspiration

Halloween isn't only the time to get creepy. It's also the perfect occasion to get clever! Check out these pun-tastic costumes, and get inspired to make your own hilarious creation! This social butterfly costume is #winning in our books! Get literal and literary with this fun 50 Shades of Grey costume! A clever costume for couples … Continue reading Clever Costume Inspiration

Super Scary Halloween Decor

Looking to really freak out your party guests this year? You're not alone. These terrifying decorations are sure to scare the living daylights out of your Halloween party pals. Nothing screams Halloween like a creepy severed head. When it comes to Halloween, cheesecloth is one of your best tools. And you thought turning off the lights … Continue reading Super Scary Halloween Decor

No Carve Pumpkin DIYs

Everyone loves decorating pumpkins for fall, but do you know what nobody loves? Dealing with pumpkin guts. That's right! Having to clean up the ooey-gooey  insides of gourds is probably the least fun activity of autumn. Our solution? A bunch of pumpkin decorating DIYs that don't have to be carved! Another added bonus? You pumpkin stays … Continue reading No Carve Pumpkin DIYs

Halloween DIY: Feathered Flyer Beak and Headpiece

This year, stand out from the flock with two accessories that are sure to be tweeted about. Make yourself into a bird that's brighter than any peacock with our DIY Feathered Flyer Beak and Headpiece! This DIY uses a huge array of trims and embellishments that even a magpie would covet, and can be converted … Continue reading Halloween DIY: Feathered Flyer Beak and Headpiece

Canine Costume DIY Roundup

Do you celebrate every holiday with the furry friends in your life? Then Halloween should be no exception! These critter costume DIYs are just the thing to your best pal's tail wagging on the scariest day of the year.   Everyone has seen the viral video of the puppy in a spider costume scaring passersby. … Continue reading Canine Costume DIY Roundup

Clever Creature Costumes

Animals are always a popular pick for Halloween, and with an almost limitless amount of options, the decision to be a critter this Halloween is an easy one. But once you've decided that you want to be one with your spirit animal, how do you figure out how to really BECOME the animal? Take a … Continue reading Clever Creature Costumes

Halloween Trends 2014

Every Halloween there are some costumes that you see almost everywhere! Whether it's the Miley Cyrus costumes of last year, or the flapper attire that was so popular after the Great Gatsby, there are some Halloween trends that people can't get enough of. Want to know what costumes you'll be seeing multiples of in the … Continue reading Halloween Trends 2014