Clever Costume Inspiration

Halloween isn't only the time to get creepy. It's also the perfect occasion to get clever! Check out these pun-tastic costumes, and get inspired to make your own hilarious creation! This social butterfly costume is #winning in our books! Get literal and literary with this fun 50 Shades of Grey costume! A clever costume for couples … Continue reading Clever Costume Inspiration

Celebrities Have Fun on Halloween

By Blerona So the big day has passed and its back to our regular clothes, but the fun doesn't have to stop just yet. I've decided to write a post about some of my favorite Celebrity Halloween Costumes this year. Being that many of us dress up like our favorite celebrity, I love seeing what … Continue reading Celebrities Have Fun on Halloween

Halloween DIY Roundup

By Blerona With Halloween well on its way, I wanted to share some amazing Halloween DIY's I've come across recently.  What are you DIY'ing for Halloween? Baby Peacock Costume by Creatively Christy Ric Rac Pumpkins by Eddie Ross DIY Button Spider by Green Eyed Monster DIY: Halloween Egg Carton Bats and Leaf Ghosts (Kids Craft) … Continue reading Halloween DIY Roundup

M&J’s Halloween Station!

By Blerona Need help making your Halloween costume! Well M&J Trimming has a Halloween Station set up in front of the store! Starting Wednesday, October 27th til Sunday, October 31th. Our creative department is coming down to show or help you get your costume together with no additional cost, after trims are purchased.  So come … Continue reading M&J’s Halloween Station!

DIY:Bejeweled Feather Halloween Mask

By Julissa Halloween is right around the corner. Don't have much time to find a costume? Well make your own by using jewels and trims here at M & J. Here is a jeweled and nail head in-crested mask. To make it more fun we added feathers on top. Its the best way to make … Continue reading DIY:Bejeweled Feather Halloween Mask

DIY: Lady Gaga Halloween Inspired Masks

By Blerona & Julissa Halloween, a day where you're anything or anyone you want be! A day where you can let your inner self shine and a day to enjoy a lot of candy without feeling guilty. But before the 31st it's all about creating your costume. And DIY's are the best ones of course, … Continue reading DIY: Lady Gaga Halloween Inspired Masks

Halloween Costume Series: The Ultimate Flapper Dress

By Roseann Another popular Halloween and certainly one of my favorites is the Flapper.  I think all of us girls try this costume at least once.  And, why not, who doesn’t want to be a glamorous liberal minded woman breaking free from the shackles that were once placed on us.  This spirit is still alive … Continue reading Halloween Costume Series: The Ultimate Flapper Dress

Halloween Costume Series: No-Sew Medieval Cape

By Roseann Take a walk down the costume aisle of any Halloween store and you will find the same unimaginative costumes year after year.  I believe that the best costumes are the ones we make ourselves.  Our Halloween costumes should speak volumes for our own personalities.  Over the next several weeks I will show a … Continue reading Halloween Costume Series: No-Sew Medieval Cape

M&J’s DIY Costumes on Martha Stewart Show

M&J Trimming's was recently featured on NBC's Martha Stewart Show on October 9th.  Kristin along with Martha embellished some hoodie's and created some fun crafty costumes.  Besides having to be careful about the candies on Halloween, parents also have to worry about the health of their children.  Especially since Halloween night is usually a little … Continue reading M&J’s DIY Costumes on Martha Stewart Show