Bookmark Your Relaxing Day (Ribbon Bookmark)

By Dara There are certain days when it seems as though the world is moving at the speed of light.  Therefore, sometimes it's nice to just sit back, relax and enjoy some quite alone time.  For millions and myself, quality time lying in bed or on a comfortable couch with a good book sounds pretty … Continue reading Bookmark Your Relaxing Day (Ribbon Bookmark)

Kitchen Bulletin Board

By Eleah Stainless steel refrigerators getting you down? Sure they look cool but they're not magnetic so there is no longer a place to post up your shopping lists and recipes. A full sized bulletin board is very demanding of space and inevitably becomes a tangled eye sore filled with expired notes and numbers. Who … Continue reading Kitchen Bulletin Board

St. Paddy’s Napkin

By Eleah It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, and if you’re like me, your days of armature night pub-crawling are over and green was never really your color anyways. The next logical approach to a holiday where everybody is Irish is to host or attend a dinner party. It’s no secret that cloth napkins are slightly … Continue reading St. Paddy’s Napkin