Top 5: Gatsby-Inspired DIYs

Even though it's been months since Baz Luhrman's adaptation of The Great Gatsby came out, we can't stop obsessing over the fashions and accessories of the Roaring 20's. Here are a few DIYs that will be perfect for your next flapper costume, but we love them so much that we might just wear them to … Continue reading Top 5: Gatsby-Inspired DIYs

Great Gatsby DIY Bracelet

Do you have Gatsby fever? So do we. We've been eyeing the amazing Gatsby collection at Tiffany & Co all week long. Even though most people have been raving about Daisy's headpiece we can't get enough of her bracelet. The intricate pearl and diamond piece is truly stunning. For those of us who can't afford … Continue reading Great Gatsby DIY Bracelet

Top 5 Pearl DIYs

Pearls are one of the more classic trends of our time. Pearls can be styled in many ways ranging from modest studs to intricate couture work. Often showcasing a sophistication and maturity, pearls are great for everyone. Each of these DIY projects proves how accessible this trend is for everyone. Those of you who are … Continue reading Top 5 Pearl DIYs