DIY: Punk Spike Bracelet


It’s been two months since we launched Project DIY, and we can’t get over how incredibly creative our subscribers are!  As some of you may have noticed, our October Project DIY box has more edge than September’s box. That’s because for October we’re embracing the Punk Revival vibe! The DIY below was a finalist for our latest box, but proved to be a little more dark and daring. Although this gothic design didn’t fit into the collection, we loved the bracelet so much that we just couldn’t keep it to ourselves!


What You’ll Need:

1 Yard of 3mm Vinyl Braided Cord in Silver/Black #56150

1 Yard of 1.5″ Spike Fringe #57610

2 End caps

Jump rings

Lobster clasp



Wrapping Black and Gold Cord for Measuring

1. We’re going for the layered look, so wrap the cord around your wrist a few times to measure the length.

Cutting the Black and Gold Cord with Scissors2. Cut to your desired length.

Fixing Closure to Braided Trim

3. Take cord end caps, and attach to each end of the cord. Clamp down to secure cord in the end cap.

Attaching Jump Ring to Black and Gold Cord

4. Take a jump ring, and attach it to the hole on the end cap. Repeat this step on the other side, but add the lobster clasp as well.

Spike Fringe Laid Out

5. Now it’s time for the fun part: embellishing! Count 6 spikes, and then detach them from the chain. Repeat this until you have no leftover chain.

Attaching Jump Ring to Cord and Spike Fringe

6. The next step is to add one jump ring to each of the spike fringe segments you just created.

Closing Jump Ring with Spike Fringe

7. Finally, add the jump ring with the fringe chain section to the cord and close the jump ring. Repeat this step until all of the chain sections are attached to the cord.

Finished Spike Fringe BraceletYou’re all done! Pair this bracelet with some black jeans and a rebel yell, and you’re good to go! If you haven’t had enough punk goth aesthetic for the day, check out our Punk Goth Inspiration page for all of your dark and brooding needs. Looking for something a little more glamorous? Subscribe to this month’s Project DIY box!

Inspiration: Punk Goth


October is all about getting in touch with the dark arts, ghosts, witches and other such spooks. Need help figuring out how to embrace your gothic edge? Here is some punk goth inspiration to make planning your pre-Halloween outfits super simple and stylish.

Boots Made for Talking

Jeffrey Campbell BootsThere is nothing more chic in goth attire than a big chunky boot. These Jeffrey Campbell shoes take gothic-wear to the next level with their fur and bead embellishments. And the quilted upper on the fur boot adds a luxurious little detail.

Prince of Darkness

Rick Owens Gothic Pieces

Rick Owens FW 2013

Rick Owens is the prince of dark fashion, but his gothic couture pieces resonate with everyone. He isn’t afraid of going against fashion protocol, as seen in his SS 2014 show in Paris!

Black Velvet

Ann Demeulemeester SS 2014

 Ann Demeulemeester SS 2014

 Ann Demeulemeester SS 2014

Belgian designer, Ann Demeulemeester is known for her dark avant-garde pieces that are all about asymmetry and a dash of androgyny. She prefers using monochromatic palettes, and black is her shade of choice.

Rock Royalty

Balmain Fall 2012 Embellished Jacket

Be punk goth royalty in this exquisitely embellished Balmain jacket. With all of the rhinestones and pearls available in our store, we wouldn’t be surprised if the designers at Balmain took a trip to M&J Trimming!

Painfully Shy

Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands

Ah Edward Scissorhards, the lonely recluse who just wanted to find a family and love. We wish he came to NYC instead of holing up in that mansion. He would have fit right in with the M&J Trimming family! His suit made of leather and buckles, deathly pale skin, and shy, introverted demeanor really made him a goth icon.

Are you a fan of the punk goth look? If it’s too dark and dramatic for you, you can always take a look at our more lighthearted and refined take on punk in our Project DIY Punk Revival collection!

M&J Mood Board: Goth and Punk

We’re back with another batch of Halloween inspiration, and this time we’re all about edgy goth and punk inspired items. From studs to skulls to barbed wire leather cord, we’ve got it all! We’d love to add some spikes to a leather jacket or embellish a clutch with a metal skull. Are you getting tempted to make a goth or punk inspired DIY? See some more inspiration below!

images: 1/2/3/4