Project DIY Punk Revival Giveaway


If you’re a fan of M&J Trimming, you’ve probably heard of our DIY subscription box, Project DIY. If you haven’t, here’s a quick rundown. Every month designer, Michelle Levy, creates two to three easy-to-replicate DIYs using high-quality trimming, studs, notions and other embellishments. Then we box up the same materials that she used to create these accessories, except in smaller, single-serving sizes, and send them your way! You get a perfect portion of materials for one of each type of DIY, which means no more having to buy a yard of cord to make a four inch bracelet!

Project DIY Box

Once you receive your Project DIY collection containing the materials and instructions, the ball is in your court. You can either make the pieces according to the directions, modify them to reflect YOUR personal style, or make something completely different! The choice is yours, and the options are limitless.

Luxe Punk Collar | Project DIY

Spike Tassel Pendant | Project DIY

Oversized Pin | Project DIY

This month’s Punk Revival collection features 3 original designs inspired by punk glam looks we’ve seen stomping across the runways. You can rock out with our luxe collar, our spike tassel pendant, and our oversized chain pin.

If SOMEHOW you’re still on the fence about this awesome service, we have a surprise for you. Project DIY and M&J Trimming are giving away FIVE boxes of this month’s Punk Revival collection to our lucky fans. The giveaway is going on from now until October 25th, so don’t delay and enter today!

Entering is the easy part, just click below and follow the simple instructions. The hard part is figuring out how you ever lived without a subscription to Project DIY!

Project DIY Punk Revival Giveaway

*This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for entering!*

This Week’s Giveaway!

This Week’s Books!

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“In your opinion which designer does the best job using ribbons?”

We’ll announce the winner on our Facebook page October 14 2011!


This Week’s Giveaway!

This Week’s Books!

“Who What Wear”

“Busy With Buttons”

“The Beautiful Beaded

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Runway DIY Blogger of the Month- September!


M&J has always been my go-to source for supplies and inspiration, so being asked to be September’s Blogger of the Month was so flattering and exciting! When I was very young, my great-aunt gave me a beautiful box full of gorgeous silk ribbons for my birthday. I was only about 6 at the time, but I still remember it as one of my favorite presents. When I opened M&J’s box and saw the stunning ribbons they had picked out for me, I felt like a little kid again! There are so many ways to use ribbons and embellishments to take pieces you already have and update them to look fresh off the runway.

Project 1: Button Elastics

I am always tying my hair back in the middle of the day to get it out of my face so I wear a hair elastic on my wrist at all times. This easy DIY brightens up boring hair elastics for a tie that looks just as cute on your wrist as it will in your ponytail!

M&J Items Used:

Enamel Fashion Button Item# 45870011 (Call 1.800.9.MJTRIM)

Project 2: Sweet Rocker Tee:

I absolutely love a great vintage tee. Adding some frills and beaded embellishments can give them a feminine touch – making the perfect top to pair with some leggings and booties for a sweet hard rock look.

M&J Items Used:

3″ Rigid Lace Item# 37077
7/8″ Sequin/Organdy Border Item# 47225 (Call 1.800.9.MJTRIM)
Beaded Applique Item# 39350 (Call 1.800.9.MJTRIM)

Project 3: Prada-Inspired Striped Midi Skirt

Prada’s S/S 11 lollipop colored stripes on sophisticated black items inspired the midi skirt I created. I don’t have a sewing machine, so everything you see here was sewn by hand. It doesn’t take much time, and if you make sure you get a perfectly-matching color of thread, it doesn’t take much talent either!

M&J Items Used:

50Mm Midori Dupioni Silk Item# 37302 in Burnt Sienna and Dahlia
Needle and Thread in colors Item# 42681 Magenta and Poppy

Nailhead Giveaway!


This week’s giveaway is all about the Nailheads!

We’re giving away an assorted bag of M&J’s most popular item- NAILHEADS! 

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We’ll announce the winner on Twitter and Facebook Friday, August 5th after 1pm EST

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“Altered Shoes “

“Art to Wear”

“Terri O’s Easy Embellishing”

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M&J Challenge 2 Giveaway!!!


This Giveaway is now Closed. Congratulations Beth!

Check Out the M&J Challenge 2! And Leave a comment about the Challenge 2 Here and you could be the lucky winner!! We’re Giving Away the Same Mystery Package we sent our challengers!! Winner Will Be Picked On Friday!

Be sure to Leave a Comment On the M&J Challenge 2 Page and your email address!

Whats in the Package?

5/8″ POLY GROSGRAIN RIBBON Item# 00305 in Calypso

1.5″ HAND DYED SILK SATIN RIBBON Item# 25179 in Echinacia

RIT DYE (POWDER)  Item# 46301 in Teal & Golden Yellow

THREAD 274YDS SPL Item# 42681 in Purssian and Goldenrod

GLUE-ON  KIT Item# 77334

4MM BRAIDED VINYL BOLO Item# 48591 Orange Neon and Aqua

1.5″ NET RIBBON Item# 46935 Fushsia

SS20 Flat Back Rhinestones  Assorted Colors


This Weeks Giveaway!

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“The Perfect Bag”

“Altered Shoes”

“The Feisty Stitcher”

“Jazzy Jeans”

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This Week’s Books

“The Feisty Stitcher” 

“Ribbon Art Book & Kit”

“Leather Jewelry”

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Suprise M&J Trimming Giveaway!

By Blerona

This week we’ll be doing a ‘Suprise Giveaway’ with one of M&J’s most popular products!! To Enter visit our website and copy the photo of the product you love the most, then post it on facebook page and tell us why you love it!

Winner Will Be Announced Friday May 27, 2011