DIY Fringe Earrings & Necklace

This faux-leather fringe comes in gorgeous shade of bright pink that is perfect for summer accessories. Check out the different ways you can use a yard to make fun fringed jewelry. Tools and Materials for Earrings: Faux-leather fringe Ribbon crimps Jump rings Earring hooks Cut a piece of trim about an inch long. Place trim … Continue reading DIY Fringe Earrings & Necklace

Why is Fringe So Darn Cool!

By Blerona It seems that FRINGE will never go out of style. The fashion world can't get enough, we see fringe on clothing, jewelry, bags, shoes.  Fringe made out of leather, shirts, feathers, cotton, chain.  It's endless and we love it here at M&J! We’ve had our fair share of DIY Fringe Projects on our … Continue reading Why is Fringe So Darn Cool!

DIY Beaded Fringe Reversible Necklace

By Roseann   In the wake of the slow economy many people have turned to do it yourself fashion projects.  As a result I have seen some of the most innovative and creative pieces in decades.    The best of these hand made accessories display bold mixes of materials and colors.  And hey, if you’re going … Continue reading DIY Beaded Fringe Reversible Necklace