DIY Flower Crown Roundup


No matter where you’re going this summer, you’ll be sure to spot someone donning a floral crown. This summer staple has been making waves in various markets. Brides adore this whimsical look, but they are certainly not the only ones. This trend has surpassed the bridal markets making an impact in the  high fashion markets as well. Retailers have been showing off various versions of the flower crown, and we simply can’t get enough of it! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite headpiece tutorials so you too can fall in love with this trend.

DIY_floral_crown_01Green Wedding Shoes DIY Flower Crown

fall floral crown diySincerely Kinsey DIY Floral Wreath

Flower CrownFancy Muffin DIY Flower Headpiece

flower-crown-pinkShopgirls DIY Floral Crown

Hair Dresser on FireHair Dresser on Fire DIY Floral Crown

Summer Hair Inspiration


The summer heat has finally arrived. We crave it all year round, but once the hot air rolls in, we often wonder what to do with our hair. Rest assured these styles will inspire you on those days when you’re truly stuck in a rut. With flowers crowns, ribbons, bows, spikes, and rhinestones to chose from, what look will you be dabbling in this summer?

Cara_Hair_Neon_Mjtrimming_DIY alice-olivia-beauty-autumn-fall-winter-2013-nyfw14 chanel-ss-2013-hair-and-makeup Nonoo_Ribbons_Hairstyles_Mjtrimming Rhinestones_Mjtrimming_Swarovski

Floral Editorial Inspiration


Flowers come in many shapes and sizes. Even though everyone has a flower preference, most would agree on their beauty. When creating an  arrangement you are greeted with something unexpected; a sophisticated rose may look great next to a playful sunflower or an adorable daffodil. Likewise these odd pairings work well in fashion. Often taking a risk and combining two unique prints will create something better than you had anticipated. The following floral editorials prove that floral prints are no longer restricted to feminine detailing.