4 Ways to Embellish with Statement Pieces for Fashion Week Part One: Fun Feather Collar

Necklaces are the standard when it comes to dressing up your neck, but sometimes it's better to do your own thing and really make a statement! Stand out from the flock with this gorgeous feather collar. It's so simple to make, and looks so elegant on. What You'll Need: 4-5 Light Blue Feather Patches #42641 … Continue reading 4 Ways to Embellish with Statement Pieces for Fashion Week Part One: Fun Feather Collar

The 2013 Met Gala Recap

Not only did the 2013 Met Gala bring art enthusiasts and fashion designers together, it brought our city together. Each year that the Met Gala takes place the city becomes a bit more vibrant. The punk theme truly brought nostalgia to the city and encouraged everyone to dress the part. We loved how each starlet … Continue reading The 2013 Met Gala Recap

Coachella Style Roundup

Supermodels, Celebs, and music lovers rejoiced at Coachella 2013. The California based music festival brought people together to celebrate musicians, comedians and fashion. As we scanned through instagram envious of those soaking up the sun in Cali we admired the many cropped tops, studded shorts and floral headpieces donned by the crowd. Below are some … Continue reading Coachella Style Roundup

M&J Moodboard: Black Swan

We've always loved Black Swan, especially the gorgeous and elaborate costumes. Our latest mood board is inspired by the thriller, and we think a black swan-inspired costume would be perfect for Halloween. We're thinking: black feather skirts, embellished trim, and a sultry lace mask. Wouldn't it also be fun to DIY a cute pair of … Continue reading M&J Moodboard: Black Swan

DIY Inspiration: Feathers

We're having a sale on all of our feather trims, so it's the perfect time to dream up some feather DIYs. From earrings to clutches to headbands, you can DIY just about anything with a few feathers, and we love the bohemian vibe that they give off. If you're interested, all of our feather trims … Continue reading DIY Inspiration: Feathers

Inspirational Handbag Embellishments!

By Blerona The Handbag Collective Pop-Up on Friday, August 19th was a spectacular event. M&J Trimming was excited to be part of the seminar, educating new designers on how to create their best handbag with M&J Trimmings. And for those who couldn't make it, I thought I would  send some inspiration your way! When you … Continue reading Inspirational Handbag Embellishments!

DIY:Bejeweled Feather Halloween Mask

By Julissa Halloween is right around the corner. Don't have much time to find a costume? Well make your own by using jewels and trims here at M & J. Here is a jeweled and nail head in-crested mask. To make it more fun we added feathers on top. Its the best way to make … Continue reading DIY:Bejeweled Feather Halloween Mask

Halloween DIY: Jeweled Flappers Girl Head Piece

By Julissa Halloween is right around the corner, if you don't have time to buy a costume. Then why not make your own  fun jewel encrusted head-piece. Its easy and fun, and you will definitely stand out. It's a piece you can do at home at your own time, you don't have to worry about … Continue reading Halloween DIY: Jeweled Flappers Girl Head Piece

Masks for a Masquerade Ball

Create your own Masquerade Mask at M&J Trimming this Halloween.  Everyone will want to know who's behind the mask! Supplies used: plain half mask, Multi-Grip Glue, feathers, trim, sequins, rhinestones, and anything you can think of.

Sumptuous DIY Halloween Decorations

By Roseann It seems like yesterday it was summer and now Halloween is just around the corner. Maybe you haven’t even begun planning or are somewhat perplexed over your theme for your holiday gathering this year; well don’t fret because we’ve got some inspirational ideas in store for you. This Halloween try a more elegant … Continue reading Sumptuous DIY Halloween Decorations