DIY: Father’s Day Keychain


This Father’s Day make your dad something he is sure to love! If your dad has a habit of losing his keys, make them harder to misplace with a guy-approved keychain. No rhinestones or baubles here! We created a braided faux leather keychain that has an edge of rustic masculinity.


Leather Braid

Key chain clasp

Needle and Thread


Sobo glue

DSC_02111. Take your leather fold over to create a loop. Make the loop as long as you desire. Cut excess leather.

DSC_02132. Slip the leather through the metal clasp opening.

DSC_02153. Sew the edges of your trim together.

DSC_02174. Glue the edges of the trim with your Sobo glue so it does not fray. Let dry.DSC_0259

DIY: Father’s Day Bow Ties


Do you need a gift for your fashion-conscious father or husband? We have the perfect gift to send dad off with style, and the best part is that this completely customizable gift is easy to make yourself! Check out these DIY bow ties we created just in time for Father’s Day. Materials for DIY Bowties

What You’ll Need:

35mm Imported Floral Jacquard

2” Striped Grosgrain

1.5” Ombre Grosgrain


Needle and Thread

Button Fastener

Cutting Striped Grosgrain Ribbon1. Cut 3 inches of striped grosgrain, and put it aside. You’ll be using this strip for the center of  the bow tie.

Folding Grosgrain Ribbon2. Take your longer piece of grosgrain, and fold one end of your striped grosgrain into the center of the ribbon.

Folding Ribbon into Bow3. Fold the other side over to meet the other piece.

Sewing Ribbon Into Bow4. Squeeze the center, and sew into place to secure the bow tie.

Folding Grosgrain Ribbon5. Fold your 3″ piece up horizontally, and wrap it around the center of the tie.

Measuring Grosgrain Ribbon6. Measure the bow tie around a neck, leaving an extra inch.

Sewing Snap to Bow Tie7. Fold the corner tip of the ribbon to the center, and the other corner tip to the center. Sew the male side to the tip.

Sewing Snap to Bow Tie8. Sew the female end to the back of the center of the bow tie.

Completed Grosgrain Bow Ties

Make these bow ties in an assortment of styles for any occasion! Use trendy trim and ribbons to keep your dad stylin’!


Father’s Day DIY Roundup


Father’s Day is right around the corner, and we have just the DIYs for you to make your dad!  Father's Day Shirt CardStart the day off right with these cards shaped like shirts!

Swiss Army Key Ring

Your dad will never misplace his keys again when they look like a rugged swiss army knife.

DIY Leather Sunglass CaseThe weather is warm and the sun is out. Make this great sunglass case  to keep his shades safe from scratches.

Cuff Links

Is you father formal? Make these cool cufflinks for his next event using our cool buttons!

Eye Chart DIY

Is your Dad a sci-fi fan? Make this cool Star Wars-inspired wall art!

Need some more suggestions? Take a look at last year’s roundup for some equally awesome ideas!

Trendy Dads in Hollywood

Hollywood reporters often obsess over new moms, often overshadowing the men. This Father’s Day we’ve decided to give credit to some of the men in Hollywood that prove parenting is based on teamwork. Each of these Celebrities may be talented on the big screen, but leave them in a room of screaming children and they’ll be sure to impress you as well. Here’s to the dads out there..famous or not, Happy Father’s Day! From us at M&J.

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Be sure to check out our large selection of buttons and trims for the men in our life! 

Father’s Day DIY Ideas


Still trying to find a gift for dad? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with these great DIY tutorials. Father’s Day shouldn’t be based on the amount of money that you spend on gifts, it should be based on the amount of thought that you put into the present. Here are some of our favorite Father’s Day DIY’s that will truly be appreciated for what they are…great, genuine tokens of your love.

leather Lunch Tote
DIY Leather Lunch Tote

Mustache Key Chain

DIY Leather Mustache Key Chain


DIY Skinny Ties

hmpg_06112013fathersday-6Check out our Cuff Link DIY 

Cuff Link DIY


Show dad you care with these stylish and homemade cuff links. This easy DIY will certainly impress all of his friends. First, select 4 matching buttons from our M&J store. We have a huge selection so picking the perfect button may be the toughest part. Next, pick up two cufflink hooks, some pliers, and you’re ready to go! You may be so impressed with the results that you’ll consider yourself a cufflink pro after this tutorial.

Supplies4 matching buttons- 2 buttons for each cufflink. ( Please note we only used two different sized buttons as a visual aid)
2 Cufflink Hooks
Jewelry Pliers

Place the cufflink hook through the button shank.


Using your pliers, lightly squeeze down on your cufflink hook securing the button in place.

This is what your cufflink should look like at this point. DSC_0174

Repeat these steps for the other buttonDSC_0175



Once you have completed your first cuff link, move on to the other one so you will have a ready to gift pair.

Be sure to send us pictures of your cuff link DIYs!DSC_0182

Father’s Day DIY Fun


This Father’s Day show dad you truly care with an original craft made just for him. If your old man is into golf, why don’t you set the table accordingly? If fashion is his thing, spruce up his wardrobe with some key pieces he’ll be sure to love. Every man could use a bow tie, suspenders or bracelet in their wardrobe. Not only will these DIY’s be handmade, they’ll make him feel incredibly special.

Golf Place Setting 1
DIY Golf Inspired Place Setting 

A beautiful messDIY Bow Tie via A Beautiful Mess

DIY Suspenders_A Geek in GlassesDIY Suspenders via a Geek in Glasses

men-bracelet-vintage1DIY Men’s Bracelet via By Whilma

DIY Cufflinks For Dad


By Roseann


If your dad is anything like mine, then he’s probably not interested in any fancy expensive gifts this Sunday.  Some of the best gifts given to dad were the macaroni art you made when you were five.  A handmade gift is more personal and really comes from the heart.  But, now that you’re older you may want to step up the level of taste just a bit, not that the macaroni art wasn’t cute.  So, if the “what should I get dad for father’s day” question is still plaguing you?  Skip the shave kit or another tie, you know he’s got plenty, and try making him a gift this year.  My suggestion is a pair of cufflinks.  It’s easy to do and won’t break your bank.   

All you will need for this project is cufflink posts, you should be able to purchase these at any jewelry supply shop. I found them for a dollar a piece, some cool buttons, wire clippers, and E-6000 craft glue   I chose 4 different styles to create a variety of looks.  I like to cover my basis.  They range from casual with a leather button  to business with a gold and black glass button and a gold crest to very dressy with a rhinestone , for dads who are into a little blingAll of these buttons can be found online.  All you need to do is remove the loop from the back of your buttons and glue the cufflink post to the back.  When purchasing buttons for this project be sure to purchase shank buttons only.  I hope this has helped some of you.  Please share with us some of your creative personalized gifts for dad.





Father’s Day Ideas



Father’s day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to start thinking about a creative Father’s day gift.  If you haven’t decided what you want to give your Dad yet, then this post is for you. 

 You can easily customize something especially for him.  There’s no one else out there like your Dad and there’s definitely only one of him.  So why not customize something unique that’s just for him?

It’ll definitely bring you back to those elementary days when you use to handcraft a gift for him at school.  Create something useful for him like a belt.  They’re easy to make with leather trims and your choice of buckles. 

 Another good idea is to add a bullion crest onto a baseball cap for him.  He’ll need one in this hot summer weather.  Good luck and keep checking back for some more fun ideas for Father’s day.