Father’s Day DIY Ideas


Still trying to find a gift for dad? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with these great DIY tutorials. Father’s Day shouldn’t be based on the amount of money that you spend on gifts, it should be based on the amount of thought that you put into the present. Here are some of our favorite Father’s Day DIY’s that will truly be appreciated for what they are…great, genuine tokens of your love.

leather Lunch Tote
DIY Leather Lunch Tote

Mustache Key Chain

DIY Leather Mustache Key Chain


DIY Skinny Ties

hmpg_06112013fathersday-6Check out our Cuff Link DIY 

Cuff Link DIY


Show dad you care with these stylish and homemade cuff links. This easy DIY will certainly impress all of his friends. First, select 4 matching buttons from our M&J store. We have a huge selection so picking the perfect button may be the toughest part. Next, pick up two cufflink hooks, some pliers, and you’re ready to go! You may be so impressed with the results that you’ll consider yourself a cufflink pro after this tutorial.

Supplies4 matching buttons- 2 buttons for each cufflink. ( Please note we only used two different sized buttons as a visual aid)
2 Cufflink Hooks
Jewelry Pliers

Place the cufflink hook through the button shank.


Using your pliers, lightly squeeze down on your cufflink hook securing the button in place.

This is what your cufflink should look like at this point. DSC_0174

Repeat these steps for the other buttonDSC_0175



Once you have completed your first cuff link, move on to the other one so you will have a ready to gift pair.

Be sure to send us pictures of your cuff link DIYs!DSC_0182

Father’s Day DIY Fun


This Father’s Day show dad you truly care with an original craft made just for him. If your old man is into golf, why don’t you set the table accordingly? If fashion is his thing, spruce up his wardrobe with some key pieces he’ll be sure to love. Every man could use a bow tie, suspenders or bracelet in their wardrobe. Not only will these DIY’s be handmade, they’ll make him feel incredibly special.

Golf Place Setting 1
DIY Golf Inspired Place Setting 

A beautiful messDIY Bow Tie via A Beautiful Mess

DIY Suspenders_A Geek in GlassesDIY Suspenders via a Geek in Glasses

men-bracelet-vintage1DIY Men’s Bracelet via By Whilma