Best Street Style from London Fashion Week

It breaks my heart to know that fashion week is almost over. New York, London and Milan have blown us away with their riveting collections. Fashion week in Paris is the last stop and it starts tomorrow, but before we move on to that I would love to share some of our favorite street style … Continue reading Best Street Style from London Fashion Week

NYFW: Oscar de la Renta

Oscar did it again. We're blown away by his Spring 2014 Collection! Each piece that graced the runway reminded you of the warm spring air and hot summer nights that seem so far away now. In my opinion Oscar always chooses the perfect colors; this collection featured gorgeous shades of blue, pink, coral, white and … Continue reading NYFW: Oscar de la Renta

Update your sweater for fashion week

We're so thrilled for our upcoming Four Ways to embellish feature. How would you embellish your sweater? Would you add rhinestones, mohair, lace or studs? Either way you'll be sure to make an entrance anywhere you go. 

Varsity Street Style

What do Rydell High, Riverdale and Bayside have in common? Varsity Jackets! The high school staple has been coming back in a major way. Often referred to as a Letterman Jacket, this piece has been making waves on the streets. Below are some of our favorite preppy looks. Have you been rocking this look? Send us pics … Continue reading Varsity Street Style

Floral Runway Inspiration

Floral Prints have been a key feature on the runway. The nature infused trend has been revamped in a major way. Designers have been using various mediums such as fur, lace, beads, fabric  and appliques to incorporate these patterns. Below are some of our favorite floral runway pieces that give us the urge to create … Continue reading Floral Runway Inspiration

New ‘4 Ways to Embellish’ Feature!

What a Fashion Week it has been!  From all the live streaming runway shows to all of the DIY inspiring streetstyle, we had so much fun!  It completely inspired our team to run around our store picking up tons of cute studding embellishments and finding our top 4 ways to use them! This is going … Continue reading New ‘4 Ways to Embellish’ Feature!

Paris & Milan Fashion Week 2012 Highlights

By Blerona It looks like Lace is still appearing all over the runway and I'm can't say that I'm mad about that! Besides beautiful metalic and sheer lace, the runway this year is bringing back the bling with shiny details of crystals, rhinestones, nailheads and beaded embellishments. As well as feathers, my favorite! Here are the … Continue reading Paris & Milan Fashion Week 2012 Highlights

New York & London Fashion Week 2012 Highlights

By Blerona Fashion week this year was amazing, even though I say that everytime, I really mean it this time. Spring 2012 still has beautiful bright neons in its future! There will still be full skirts with beautiful tops, ikat patterns, lace, fringe and suprisingly nailheads. Scroll down to view highlights from New York and … Continue reading New York & London Fashion Week 2012 Highlights

LUCA LUCA Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

By Blerona We had the pleasure of attending the LUCA LUCA Spring/Summer Fashion Show this year and the collection was just as expected, Beautiful! The collection from last year was leaning more towards trendy chic, but this year it was all about the sexy causual look. With off-the-shoulder dresses, lightly embellished tops and tailored tops. … Continue reading LUCA LUCA Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

Resort 2012 Highlights PT2

By Blerona This year’s 2012 Resort Collections was a sight to behold with hints of sultry, playful and elegance in every collection. I’m excited to see that bright bold colors will still be in style for 2012, and all of the different looks seemed to lean towards more relaxing and loose fitted clothing which I … Continue reading Resort 2012 Highlights PT2