Fantasy Bedroom Decor Inspiration


With movies like Malificent coming out and epic shows like Game of Thrones becoming all the rage, it easy to see that we’ve fallen for the fantasy genre. In the digital age we love the idea of dragons and magic because they provide the most wonderful escape from every day! Why not bring some of that magic into your own home, specifically the room that’s all your own? Here are some fantastic bedrooms that are destined to provide the stuff of amazing dreams.

Circular Canopy BedImagine waking up in this bed and looking out onto a tropical paradise. It might make you give up technology altogether! Maybe.

Princess Bed with CrownSimple and sophisticated, this bed is the least elaborate on the list, but the crown at the top of the bed makes it worthy of a castle.

Majestic Four Post BedThis regal room is fit for royalty! The gorgeous chandelier and sky high ceiling give it an expansive and luxurious feel.

Secret Storybook BedroomThe perfect room to stow away in to catch up on books! This room is cozy and enchanting.

Cottage BedroomWe love the log cabin look of this room. We bet Snow White would have had the most magnificent dreams here!




Once Upon a Time Costume Inspiration


Once Upon a Time is a show in which all of your favorite fairy tale characters come to life! If you haven’t seen it yet, you should try to catch at LEAST one episode because this show boasts some of the most beautiful costumes we’ve ever seen. Everyone looks like, well, a princess! If you’ve been inspired to make your own Once Upon a Time character costume, we have a few helpful suggestions to take your costume to the next level.

Snow White and the Evil Queen from Once Upon a Time

Two of the main characters, Snow White and the Evil Queen, have the most contrasting looks on the show. Snow White wears lots of fur and leather, befitting a totally kick-butt princess. It’s more function than fashion for her. The Evil Queen, on the other hand, has some of the most ornate costumes on the show! Check out the beaded trim, frogs and lace on this dress! She definitely demands attention with her incredible gowns. Those sleeves leave us completely speechless.

Siren from Once Upon a Time

This may look like Snow White, but it’s actually a shape-shifting siren! We love her jeweled crown which looks just like water, and the fringed wrap reminds us of a fisherman’s net.

Rumplestiltskin from Once Upon a TimRumpelstiltskin plays the resident bad guy of Storybrook. When you find him in flashbacks he’s dressed to kill in leathers and crocodile skins. If you’re going for an authentic “Dark One” look, don’t forget the golden thread!

Aurora from Once Upon a Time

Aurora, A.K.A. Sleeping Beauty, is on point with her princess-attire. With her lush feather collar and rhinestone accessories, she definitely fits the part of a princess!

Tinkerbell from Once Upon a Time

Dressing like Tinkerbell is all about sparkle. So bring on the beaded trim to recreate her headband, and don’t forget the wings and pixie dust!

Do you watch the show? Which princess’s style are you coveting? Let us know!