Decorative Candy Jar

By Dara A few nights ago I had a phone conversion with a friend of mine.  He's been going out with his girlfriend for almost three years.  Actually, their third year anniversary is coming up pretty soon.  Like most men, he's pretty clueless about finding the perfect gift.  So he ask me for some advice.  … Continue reading Decorative Candy Jar

72nd Anniversary Sale! August 14th Only!

    It is M&J Trimming's 72nd birthday.  Who better to spend this special day with than our valued Customers?  For over 72 years, M&J Trimming has been supplying Customers with top quality products.  Our priority is to provide you with the largest fabric trimming and garment embellishment resource.  On this special day we'd like … Continue reading 72nd Anniversary Sale! August 14th Only!

Free Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone Catalog

  M&J Trimming would like to introduce you to our new Swarovski Crystals Rhinestone Catalog.  This catalog includes our entire updated colors of Swarovski rhinetones  It also includes our collection of the newest sew-on jewels, most popular rhinestone fringe, easy to use iron-on rhinestone appliques, and supplies.  This catalog is free.  All you have to … Continue reading Free Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone Catalog

Swarovski Rhinestone Sale!

With more and more demands for Swarovski rhinestone sales, M&J Trimming couldn't just sit back.  We've decided to answer our valued customers' request for more sales on Swarovski rhinestones.  Take up to 20% off large packs of rhinestones on select colors.  Hurry because every party has to come to an end.  Which means this sale … Continue reading Swarovski Rhinestone Sale!

Your Own Louis Vuitton

By Milton Louis Vuitton's Spring '08 collection features shirts and skirts with stripes of sequins circling the front and back. Like with all designer clothing, I'm pretty confident that this collection's price tag would leave anyone stumped as to how such a simple design arrived at such an inflated price. It's not always necessary to … Continue reading Your Own Louis Vuitton