Decorative Candy Jar


By Dara

A few nights ago I had a phone conversion with a friend of mine.  He’s been going out with his girlfriend for almost three years.  Actually, their third year anniversary is coming up pretty soon.  Like most men, he’s pretty clueless about finding the perfect gift.  So he ask me for some advice. 

I wasn’t too sure myself what a perfect gift for her would be.  However, after listening to my friend go on and on about how much he cares for her and wants to be more stable before settling down, I finally thought of a great gift.   

I told him to give her a promise ring.  However, I told him not to hand it over that easily.  The next day we headed over to ikea to pick up a small spice jar.  It pretty much looks like a miniture cookie jar.  Then we went back to my place, where I had a closet filled with M&J Trimming supplies.  We measured and cut 8″ x 8″ of silk fabric using mandial pinking shear scissors.  This scissor helps keep the fabric from fraying.  Then wrapped it using 1mm rattail.  It help to keep the fabric in place like how you see in the photo.  For decoration we used some matching braided buttons (#11884).  It looked really nice on the rattail. 

Finally, we placed my friend and his girlfriend’s picture inside the jar using double sided tape.  He placed the ring inside and filled it up with candy.  We also added a tag and it was ready. 

The idea was for her to think that all he gave her was a pretty jar of candy with their picture inside.  However, it’s not until the she finishes the candy that she’ll realize he gave her a promise ring.  It might take her a while to finish the candy before she finds the ring.  Like love, all good things takes time and patience. 

By the way, that’s not a picture of them that you see.  I had to recreate the gift since he’s giving her the one we made together this weekend.  You can use this idea for wedding favors or bridal gifts also.  Minus the ring of course. 

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Your Own Louis Vuitton


By Milton

Louis Vuitton’s Spring ’08 collection features shirts and skirts with

stripes of sequins circling the front and back. Like with all designer
clothing, I’m pretty confident that this collection’s price tag would
leave anyone stumped as to how such a simple design arrived at such an
inflated price.

It’s not always necessary to spend a large amount of money on a piece of
clothing you saw on the runway.  Some pieces can easily be recreated
using pieces of clothing you already own.  If you’d like you can also
purchase something similar and add little touches with embellishments to
make it look the same as the one you saw on the runway.

For example, I’ve easily recreated a piece from the Louis Vuitton Spring
collection.  You can purchase a regular solid shirt from any
department store.  Then with some sequin trims, sew it around the
shirt.  It can easily be done by hand or with a sewing machine.  It’s
just that simple!