DIY Video Week Six: New Years Embellished T-Shirt

Dear Fashion Lovers, Our last Holiday DIY Video is here, and I’m showing you how to make this glamorous t-shirt, the perfect statement piece for your New Years Celebration. Be sure to get creative when making this DIY.  Click here for the list of materials used.             Happy New Years, Blerona

Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” Inspired Bracelet

by Blerona In an interview with WWD Magazine, Lady Gaga said she shops at M&J Trimming where she gets her inspiration for some of her funky and over the top pieces. The performer who describes her look as “filthy, unacceptable,” has now inspired M&J Trimming. After her change of wild outfits and performance at the MTV … Continue reading Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” Inspired Bracelet

Create Your Own Swarovski Bangle

By Goldie We all have old bangles cluttering our jewelry boxes.  I’d like to share with a quick way to turn your old bangle into a blingin’ Swarovski art piece.  I embellished only a portion of the bangle so that you can get a feel for the before and after. I used: Two 18x16mm pear … Continue reading Create Your Own Swarovski Bangle

DIY Holiday Week Two: Iron-on Applique

Hello Holiday Lovers, As part of our Holiday Season, we are creating DIY Holiday Gift Idea videos for your gift inspirations. Last week I took you on a tour in our NYC’s 5,000 sq ft showroom. This week Carlos and I show you how to apply an iron-on appliqué. A great gift for anyone on … Continue reading DIY Holiday Week Two: Iron-on Applique

DIY King of Pop Military Inspired Jacket

By Roseann I suspect that we will see a lot of MJ impersonators this Halloween, so I’d like to help those who are interested in celebrating the King of Pop’s iconic style do it right.  The late pop star’s style was always evolving and maturing from his bell bottoms and afro in the early 1960’s … Continue reading DIY King of Pop Military Inspired Jacket

Halloween Costume Series: The Ultimate Flapper Dress

By Roseann Another popular Halloween and certainly one of my favorites is the Flapper.  I think all of us girls try this costume at least once.  And, why not, who doesn’t want to be a glamorous liberal minded woman breaking free from the shackles that were once placed on us.  This spirit is still alive … Continue reading Halloween Costume Series: The Ultimate Flapper Dress

Rev Up a Classic Shawl with Biker Chic Embellishments

By Roseann Biker influenced details will be seen everywhere this fall such as; fringe, studs, zippers, and other hardware.  Although this is a trend that has been seen time and time again, designers this season are pairing the hardened classic look with more feminine pieces like gowns and flirty skirts. Although it’s not quite time to … Continue reading Rev Up a Classic Shawl with Biker Chic Embellishments

Pictures from the, “Embellish My Own” workshop

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in the, “Embellish My Own” workshop on May 31st.  The workshop was a great success.  Those who attended brought their own projects to embellish.  There was plenty of creativity going around.  This is the only workshop of it’s’ kind in NYC.  If anyone else is interested in attending … Continue reading Pictures from the, “Embellish My Own” workshop

Join Us On May 31st For The “Embellish Your Own” Workshop

"Embellish Your Own " Workshop May 31st, 2009 Last chance to sign-up for the, "Embellish Your Own" workshop.  The workshop is on May 31st at M&J Trimming's NYC showroom.  It's from 9:30am to 12pm and only cost $30.  The workshop teaches you how you can be creative with simple trimmings and embellishments.  There are so … Continue reading Join Us On May 31st For The “Embellish Your Own” Workshop

Photos of M&J Trimming’s 5,000 sq ft Showroom

[rockyou id=120817310&w=500&h=375] M&J Trimming would like to share some photos of our 5,000 sq ft New York City showroom.  As you can see, we offer thousands of merchandise to choose from.  All of M&J Trimming's products are of only the highest quality.  If you're ever in the area, please do drop by.