Four Ways to Embellish Your Sandals

By Blerona To kick off this summer, M&J is showing you how to look super chic on budget, this time we’re doing it with your shoes. Sandal flats are a must have for the summer, but buying several pair of embellished sandals can get costly. So we purchased a pair inexpensive shoes and embellished them … Continue reading Four Ways to Embellish Your Sandals

Adorn Your Own Shoes

By Goldie I would like to share with you a quick way to adorn a pair of shoes with Sequin Rosebuds.  This project can be used to spruce up an old pair or class up a recent purchase. Directions: Start by choosing which trim you would like to use, M&J has a plethera of colors … Continue reading Adorn Your Own Shoes

Dressing Up Your Little Black Shoe

By Milton Rhinestone encrusted shoes are still running strong, ladies. This season the trend has graduated from decorating the tips of simple flats and moved on to high heels. The real deal is off the charts in affordability for most of you and the less expensive versions of this fashion movement are likely to be … Continue reading Dressing Up Your Little Black Shoe