Top 3 Ribbons and Bow DIYS

Ribbons are one of the simpler trims yet they will forever be popular.  Ribbons have many purposes. They can be used for invitations, home décor, jewelry, or even footwear. The opportunities for using ribbon are truly endless. Each of the following DIY tutorials demonstrates the many ways ribbons can be orchestrated. Chic Steals turned her … Continue reading Top 3 Ribbons and Bow DIYS

DIY Pearl and Chromspun Grosgrain Ribbon Necklace

By Dara  The weather is feeling pretty nice lately and that usually means it is time to pretty up.  So here is this week's round-up of DIY accessory.  To give that classic yet chic pretty girl look that has been seen all over the street and magazines lately, we'll be working with pearls and chromspun grosgrain … Continue reading DIY Pearl and Chromspun Grosgrain Ribbon Necklace

DIY Ribbon & Applique Necklace

By Dara Accessories can either make or break an outfit and when you can't find one that's going to enhance your outfit, then make one.  I always go through magazines everyday, looking for the latest trend.  This Fall, I noticed that ribbon and applique necklaces are going to be the must-have accessory of the season.  With … Continue reading DIY Ribbon & Applique Necklace