Chic Steals’ DIY Rhinestone Earrings


Carly of Chic Steals is a sucker for big, sparkly things…and so are we!  We love the way jewels glisten on wintery nights.  When we saw that Carly made these sparkly earrings using our rhinestone trim, we fell in love with them.  Check out her blog to read her full DIY on how to make these jewels yourself!



DIY Dangly Gem Earrings

Dangly earrings are an easy upgrade to glamorize any outfit. DIY your own jeweled drop earrings using sew-on gems in colors that capture the oceanic and pastel trends of the season.
Tools and Materials:
Pliers and wire clippers
Octagonal sew-on jewels in jade green, smoked blue, and amethyst
Choose your layout of the jewels.
Clip off two to three inches of craft wire, and use to connect two jewels together, like above, with a longer end to secure the wire.
Gripping the wires with your pliers, wrap the longer end of the wire around the shorter end three times and clip off any extra wire.
Connect all the jewels together.
Put a small drop of E6000 on the back of the top jewel.
Stick the earring post back in the glue. Press firmly in place for 30 seconds, and let dry over night.
Created by Erin of Thanks, I Made It

DIY Chain Tassel Earrings

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By Roseann

We’ve all seen chains used in about every which way possible these past couple seasons, but you know I just feel that my jewelry box isn’t saturated enough with them.  So, on that note, I would like to give a simple tutorial on how to make a great pair of earrings by creating your own tassel using chains.



  1. First cut your chains into pieces, you can make them the same length or different lengths as I have done; my longest piece is 4”.  Be sure you have an even number of pieces.
  2. Divide them how you like so that you have equal pieces for each earring.
  3. Thread the hat pin through the ends of your chains and then add the bead cap.
  4. Cut the hat pin down so that you have only about an inch of it sticking out through the bead cap.
  5. Using the pliers create a small loop as close to the bead cap as possible.
  6. Connect the loop of the hat pin and the loop of the earring hook together and wrap the remaining wire of the hat pin around the loop several times to secure.
  7. See, wasn’t that easy?

DIY Wire Frame and Sequins Earrings

By Roseann

Sometimes design is just that, design.  It is not there to represent anything, say anything, mean anything.  We are pulled in and attracted to it simply for aesthetic reasons.  Inspired solely by organic form these earrings are simple and quick to create.


  • 2 4” hat pins
  • Metal sequins
  • Crimp beads
  • 2 looped earring posts
  • A pencil
  • Needle nose pliers


  1. Tightly wrap hat pin around the pencil.
  2. Pull your hat pin free from the pencil and elongate creating desired shape.
  3. Slide three metal sequins onto the hat pin.
  4.   Add one crimp bead and secure using pliers roughly ¼” above the first group on metal sequins.
  5. Add three more and repeat until you’ve reached the top.
  6. Using needle nose pliers create a small loop at the top of the hat pin and add looped earring post.
  7. Wear and enjoy.