Halloween Trends 2014

Every Halloween there are some costumes that you see almost everywhere! Whether it's the Miley Cyrus costumes of last year, or the flapper attire that was so popular after the Great Gatsby, there are some Halloween trends that people can't get enough of. Want to know what costumes you'll be seeing multiples of in the … Continue reading Halloween Trends 2014

Make Your Own Costume this Halloween

Come to M&J Trimming to make your one of kind custome for your Halloween fun! M&J Trimming - 1008 Sixth Ave., New York NY 10018 Call : 1.800.9.MJTRIM

Cute Feminine Pirate Costume

A pirate costume is a fun and great costume which you can easily make yourself.  You may think this costume is not the most unique idea, but by making it yourself you can add your own creativity and edge and can achieve the perfect feminine pirate costume. Steps:   1. I used an inexpensive shirt … Continue reading Cute Feminine Pirate Costume

Halloween Costume Series: No-Sew Medieval Cape

By Roseann Take a walk down the costume aisle of any Halloween store and you will find the same unimaginative costumes year after year.  I believe that the best costumes are the ones we make ourselves.  Our Halloween costumes should speak volumes for our own personalities.  Over the next several weeks I will show a … Continue reading Halloween Costume Series: No-Sew Medieval Cape

M&J’s DIY Costumes on Martha Stewart Show

M&J Trimming's was recently featured on NBC's Martha Stewart Show on October 9th.  Kristin along with Martha embellished some hoodie's and created some fun crafty costumes.  Besides having to be careful about the candies on Halloween, parents also have to worry about the health of their children.  Especially since Halloween night is usually a little … Continue reading M&J’s DIY Costumes on Martha Stewart Show