Halloween Recap

 By Roseann   Over the past month I have been posting ideas and instructions for creating your Halloween costumes.  It has been a very busy month and I was unfortunately unable to post everything that I would have liked to, so I’ve decided to do a little recap of the events held here at  M&J … Continue reading Halloween Recap

Look who’s shopping at M&J Trimming

This past week, Kelly drop by M&J Trimming for some supplies to create her own fun DIY costumes.  She talks about her experience at the store on the show.  Check out the video here. 

Easy DIY Cat Ears for Halloween

By Kristin I love this time of year. The leaves are starting to fall, the air is crisp, and Halloween is around the corner. Every year I try to do something different. Last year I was a Zombie Princess Leia. This year I decided to be the classic 1966 Catwoman. I’m going to show you … Continue reading Easy DIY Cat Ears for Halloween

Halloween Costume Series: No-Sew Medieval Cape

By Roseann Take a walk down the costume aisle of any Halloween store and you will find the same unimaginative costumes year after year.  I believe that the best costumes are the ones we make ourselves.  Our Halloween costumes should speak volumes for our own personalities.  Over the next several weeks I will show a … Continue reading Halloween Costume Series: No-Sew Medieval Cape