Dinner Party Hosting Tips


This is the perfect time to hold a seasonal summer dinner party, but hosting your own party can cause a lot of stress. Make sure all of your bases are covered with these tips! e1957243fba2ed0935f350e6c4b7712f

Eating by Candlelight – If you want to introduce candles into your party decor, keep them unscented. The focus should be on the delicious food, not the coconut vanilla scent of your pillar candles, as delicious as it is!

Keep Them Short – Centerpieces should be small and short so that guests have the ability to see each other over the table. You can always showcase taller arrangements on separate tables.c8bed08de87a1c7cc2b4d761c39110f5 (1)

All You Can Eat – Buffet-style dinner parties are all the rage. Why? Everyone gets just what they want, and it’s easy to do!

In the Know – Make sure you check to see if your guests have any serious dietary restrictions. eda8c54d547f92d72e7d75bc34ceffb2

Savory Seasonals – Try to base your menu off what is in season. The ingredients will be at their most flavorful, and the least expensive.



Catching Fire DIY Roundup


The day we’ve been waiting for is finally here. Catching Fire is now officially in theaters, and SPOILER ALERT! we can’t wait to see Katniss kicking butt in the Hunger Games again.  We seriously love the powerful tough-girl vibe of her character. (Probably why we also picked Joan of Arc as the inspiration behind November’s Project DIY collection.) We couldn’t help but round-up a few DIYs that have that same rough and tumble feel to them. We’re sure Katniss would even jump in to make a few!

The Hungry Games

Arrow Napkin Rings from Ruffled
Arrow Napkin Rings from Ruffled

Hosting a Hunger Games dinner party? These arrow napkin rings from Ruffled are so perfect. They’re simple and frill-free, just like Katniss. Now that you have your decor figured out, what are you planning on serving for dinner? Better take a trip to the Hob!

Beat the Odds

Hunger Games Pencil Toppers from Popper and Mimi

Sass up your stationary with these silver “arrow” pencils from Popper and Mimi! Whether you’re using them to doodle, take a test or do your taxes, may the odds be ever in your favor.

On the Hunt

Cell Phone Holder from Morning by Foley

We don’t think they have any cell phones in District 12, but if they did we have a feeling Katniss’s would look a lot like this one from Morning by Foley. Probably a little less pink, but we took some creative liberties.


Mockingjay Bracelet from Geekphoria

If you’re a true fan of the Hunger Games, you’ll want to sport this DIY Mockingjay bracelet from Geekphoria proudly! Imagine the variations you could make with the suede cord and chain from our store!

Understated but Not Underestimated 

Golden Arrow Ring from Sincerely Kinsey

This leather glitter arrow ring from Sincerely Kinsey is the perfect accessory to wear to the Catching Fire premiere if you’re fond of an understated look. The ring features a lot of the story’s prominent elements without making you look like a super crazy fan even if you are underneath. We totally are.

We can’t decide whether we’re more excited to finally see Catching Fire or make the DIYs above! Are you a Hunger Games fan too? What DIY will you be making in honor of the movie?

St. Paddy’s Napkin

By Eleah

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, and if you’re like me, your days of armature night pub-crawling are over and green was never really your color anyways. The next logical approach to a holiday where everybody is Irish is to host or attend a dinner party. It’s no secret that cloth napkins are slightly more sophisticated than paper, so this year I’m going to step it up a notch and make my own cloth napkins. Tasteful St. Patrick’s Day fabric napkins are hard to come by, especially if by tasteful I mean “not covered in glitter, scary lepricons, and a poor font choice spelling out exclamatory remarks on the holiday at hand”. You are only hurting yourself by allowing these objects into your home. What’s a person to do you ask? Make your own napkins! If you follow the instructions below you will soon have your own set of home made fabric napkins, and yes they will be machine washable.

You will Need:

  • 1 yard of cotton fabric (or) pre-made plain fabric napkins from the store of your choice (I used a light gray since white is always risky)
  • 68” of 3/8” wide grosgrain ribbon in a darker shade of green.
  • 34” of the same width grosgrain ribbon in a lighter shade of green.
  • Three 13mm buttons (I chose a 2-hole white fresh water shell button for their slight shimmer and organic appeal)
  • Straight pins
  • Sewing Machine
  • Needle + thread to match the ribbon/fabric.
  • Iron and Ironing board

(The above list of supplies yields 4 napkins…multiply as needed.)

Making The Napkins:

  1. Begin by pre-washing the fabric. (Otherwise the final piece could deform when washed with ribbon sewn on.)
  2. Iron Cotton fabric and cut into 17×17 inch squares.
  3. Arrange the ribbon along two neighboring sides of the cut squares. I think they look nice if they are about ½ inch from the edge and each other.
  4. Weave the ribbons over and under each other in the corner of the napkin where they intersect.
  5. Pin down ribbon with straight pins
  6. Fold over each edge ½ inch, press with iron
  7. Fold over edges another ½ inch, press and pin with straight pins
  8. Hem both edges of each ribbon (One stitch down the center is fine too, you will just need to iron them after washing)
  9. Hem the edges of the napkins (about ½ inch in from edge)
  10. Sew buttons where you think they look best….
  11. And Serve!