Reuse Holiday Ribbon

The presents have been wrapped, the cookies have been iced, and the seasonal DIYs are done. Well..almost. Before you throw out that holiday ribbon that's wrapping your present, give it another glance. Ribbon is like DIY platinum. It's a great resource to DIY with! Trust us on this one. We went all the way back … Continue reading Reuse Holiday Ribbon

DIY Roundup: Update Your Curtains

Curtains are among the first details you notice when you enter a room. They are both functional and fashionable. In order to get that dramatic effect curtains should be embellished with fringe, pom-pom trim, or greek key Jacquard. Purchasing these curtains ready-made can get pretty expensive which is why we always take the DIY route … Continue reading DIY Roundup: Update Your Curtains

Editorial Inspiration

This August 2012 editorial in Elele Turkey is definitely sending our crafty minds into overdrive.  Not only do we want to recreate the lace dresses but we are, also, in love with all of the lace and sheer pillows, throws, and curtains.  These would make for some beautiful DIYs! images via Fashion Gone Rogue

Top 5 Tassel DIYs

    We have an abundance of tassels in our store, and we've been trying to brainstorm all of their DIY possibilities. We searched through our favorite DIY blogs to find the best tassel DIYs, and we're so impressed with what we've found. Necklaces, curtains, belts - you can make so many things with just … Continue reading Top 5 Tassel DIYs