Remember Movember

It’s November, and you know what that means. Mustaches are everywhere! In honor of Movember, a month-long event during which your man friends sport mustaches to bring awareness to prostate cancer and health, we thought we would compile a list of mustache DIYs. This way you can still take part, even if you can’t physically grow one!

The Key(chain) to Cool

Mustache Keychain | Etsy Russian Team

While you may not be able to upgrade your ride in half an hour, you can definitely upgrade your keychain! These simple leather mustaches are quick to make, and cute to boot. 

Baby ‘Stache

Baby with Mustache | The Paper Seed

They say that kids grow up too quickly nowadays. That’s hogwash. Look at how cute babies look with mustaches! Make these pacifier mustaches, and snap a bunch of pictures!

Real tip: These are just novelty items, and shouldn’t be used without adult supervision.

Popular Props

Mustache Photo Prop | My Calico Skies

Everyone knows that the most fun prop in a wedding photo booth is the big handlebar mustache. Why? Maybe it’s an easy way to try out the style without having to grow one out yourself. (Those things take some SERIOUS maintenance.) Whatever the reason, now’s the time to make your own, especially if you have a party coming up! Mustaches are always a hit!

Mustache: The Natural Nose Warmer

Mustache Face Warmer | Sans Limites Crochet

This face warmer from Sans Limites Crochet is the warmest way to wear a mustache! Make one today to battle the blistering cold of the seasons, and look super adorable. Two birds, one stone.

Mean Muggin’

This video shows you how to make your own mustachioed mug! Who knew it was so easy to personalize your dishes?!

Stylish Stationery

If you put a mustache on something, people will take you more seriously. That’s like a well-known fact, which makes this pencil case the perfect addition to your serious office, serious backpack or serious craft room. Seriously.

Are you taking part in Movember, or do you think that mustache DIYs are just too cute to pass up?

NYFW: Oscar de la Renta

Oscar did it again. We’re blown away by his Spring 2014 Collection! Each piece that graced the runway reminded you of the warm spring air and hot summer nights that seem so far away now. In my opinion Oscar always chooses the perfect colors; this collection featured gorgeous shades of blue, pink, coral, white and black. There was also a play on patterns from textured crochet lace, to metallic floral embroidery. This collection is perfect for the classy and chic woman who enjoys modern style and sexy silhouettes. We cannot wait to see which celebrities rock these looks on the red carpet.

MARC0101.450x675 MARC0114.450x675MARC0174.450x675MARC0198.450x675MARC0282.450x675 MARC0289.450x675 MARC0310.450x675MARC0442.450x675 MARC0478.450x675 MARC0484.450x675MARC0514.450x675MARC0549.450x675 MARC0567.450x675 MARC0591.450x675MARC0632.450x675

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DIY Crochet Inset Dress by Thanks, I Made It

One of our favorite DIY bloggers, Erin of Thanks I Made It recently created this awesome crochet insert maxi dress and we just had to share. Keep reading to see her tutorial!
Hey friends! I hope you all had a great weekend. For the first time this summer, I’m upstate in the Adirondacks, my home away from home. In addition to hiking and relaxing, I’ve been crafting in the great outdoors. I was recently asked to come up with a DIY using this simple black maxi dress from ValRouge. (The dress is a whopping $8, perfect for experimenting with DIY!) They sent me a dress, and I immediately got to work, adding a some visual interest and built-in ventilation system for this hot summer weather with a crochet inset. Keep reading for the how-to!

Tools and Materials:
Maxi dress
Wide crochet trim (I used a yard)
Needle and thread in matching color
Straight pins

Try on the dress, and mark where you want the trim to go using the chalk.

Measure down from the armholes of the dress to your original mark (for me, it was 7 inches). Make sure each side matches in distance between mark and arm hole and draw a straight line across with the chalk.

Cut just below the line.
Fold the newly cut edge of the dress top under (along the chalk line) and iron in place. Begin pinning the trim in place. Ihighly recommend not cutting your trim until everything is sewed in place and you sure you have enough. I had a very close call but cutting first.
Sew the trim to the dress top, and repeat the steps to attach the dress bottom portion. Be sure to line up the dress side seams on the top and bottom. Up close, it doesn’t look perfect because I hand-sewed, but I’m very happy with the results!

DIY Lace Cutoffs


Summer’s here, which means we’re ready to slip into our trusty denim cutoffs again. But this summer we couldn’t help but add a little DIY magic to our old jean shorts. So with a bit of lace and some simple sewing materials from M&J Trimming, we whipped up these lace-trimmed shorts that we’ll be living in all summer long. Try it out yourself and let us know how it turns out!


1. Cut a triangle out of your shorts that is roughly the shape of the lace. Make sure the triangle is centered on one of the side seams of the shorts.
2. Cut out a piece of lace in your desired size. You don’t have to use all of the trim – feel free to cut off the edges to get the right shape! Then pin the lace in place on top of the shorts.
3. Thread your needle, tie a knot at the end of the thread, and start sewing the lace to your shorts, pulling the needle in and out. Make sure you sew both the inner and outer edges. Once you have it all sewn down, tie a few knots where you finish, cut off the rest of the thread, and you’re all set. Now go show off your shorts!

Crochet Appliques


By Dara

Let’s admit it, the popularity of crochet has been around for decades and it’s only growing everyday.  Since Fall is just around the corner, I’ve been seeing more and more women doing some crochet work on the bus, subway and even during their lunch break.  I do a little crochet work also.  Mostly baby blankets  and  scarves as gifts for friends and family.  It beats laying around doing nothing when I’m at home.

Anyways, I wrote a blog a few months back called “Creativity Mixed In A Blender“.  In that blog, I had a few pictures of some crochet appliques that M&J Trimming does not have online.  So for this blog, I wanted to show everyone a few more crochet appliques that are not listed online.  However, you can order them by calling customer service at 1.800.9.MJTRIM.  Keep in mind that customer service is only available from 9am to 6pm EST and that’s from Monday to Friday.

Creativity Mixed In A Blender


By Dara


With hundreds of people visiting M&J Trimming in NYC everyday, you can image how busy the store is. Every person who walks into the store has a mind for creations of his or her own.

Customers storm the store with amazing ideas on using M&J’s products. It’s great to know that our products can bring their creations to life.

I wanted to share with you today what some customers have been using the products for. For instance, last week a young lady stepped into the store in search for some sequins and matching organza ribbons. While assisting her I had asked what the items were going to be used for. She said that she works for a make-up company and they were holding a special event promoting a new product. Therefore, she wanted to artistically embellish the sales girls with some sequins along the side of their face and tie the organza as a bow around the neck. I would have never imaged using the items in this way. It’s amazing how creative people’s mind can get.

Some of the more popular trend is of course, bedazzling cell phones with Swarovski rhinestones. None other than Paris Hilton started this addictive trend. Today, many customers storm the store in search for the perfect color to match their phones as well as ipods, headphones, shoes and clothes. The list goes on forever when it comes to bedazzling projects and garments. It’s so easy and the sparkles are definitely irresistible.

At M&J we try very hard to place all of our items online. However, it’s not as easy as many may think. The process is long due to the fact that we must precisely take photos that best represent the true item, but today I’m able to share with you some photos of items that are available for purchase by calling our customer service.

The items you see are cute little sew-on cotton appliqués. I saw these and wasn’t sure what to use them for yet, but you can be sure that I will use them in my future projects. Some costumers have been using these for knitted projects such as scarves, hats, blankets, sweaters and the list goes on forever.

I’m sure you also have some creative ideas. I’d love to hear about them. There’s no need to be shy.