DIY: Medieval Renaissance Choker Necklace


At M&J Trimming we have no qualms about our love of lace. This Renaissance-inspired DIY is perfect for those ladies who share our love of the dainty look of white lace.

Supplies for Lace Cameo Necklace

What You’ll Need:

Stretch Lace #57291

Oval Woman Head Cameo #41584

E-6000 Glue



Measuring Neck Width with Lace

1. Take your lace trim, and wrap it around your neck to measure how much you will need. Leave a little overlap so you have room to place the snap closures.

Adding Snap Closure to Lace Band

2. Open your snap, and glue the stud to one end of the lace trim.

Lace Trim with Snap Closures Drying

3.  Take the other half of your snap, the socket, and place it on the opposite side of the other end. You’re trying to create a closure so that you can wrap the lace around your neck.Gluing Cameo Piece 4. Place your cameo button in the center of the choker, and glue it down. Let the project dry at least 3 hours!

Cameo Button on Lace Choker Necklace

There you have it Madame! Wear your choker to your next grand ball, or just out for the night when you’re feeling extra feminine. Love our lace? Take a look at some of the other lace styles we have in stock! Looking for more inspiration? Check out our Medieval Renaissance Inspiration page for trim and notions that are fit for a queen!

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