Project DIY: Your Projects in February 2014

We don’t know if it’s just the shortened month, but it seems like February just flew by! Our subscribers have been busy bees working on their Project DIY collections, and really customizing and personalizing each piece. Here are some of our favorite projects from this month to help inspire your creativity! Punk and Film Noir Combination

We love how Instagrammer @PrincessLeighLeigh combined the Punk Revival and Film Noir collections! And the pom pom trim she used in the Femme Fatale necklace? So on trend.

Stylecaster Project DIY Collections

Stylecaster got in on the fun by creating four different collections!! They all look fabulous, but we should ask them which THEY liked the most!

Rain Blanken Film Noir

Rain Blanken, DIY guru from, came to visit us and spoke with lead designer Michelle Levy about Project DIY! She made some pretty cool customized pieces from the Film Noir collection before heading back to her home state. Hope you come back into the city soon Rain!

Sketch 42 Film Noir Camera Strap

One of our favorite bloggers, Nicole from Sketch 42, modified the convertible belt into a cool camera strap! Pretty perfect for such a great photographer.

How did YOU customize your projects in February? Share your results with us on Instagram @MJProjectDIY!

DIY Sequin Initial Bag Charm


Grace of Stripes and Sequins has impressed us yet again with her latest DIY. She used sequins from our store to create this oh-so-cute initial bag charm, and now we’re dying to make one for ourselves. Hop on over to Stripes and Sequins to see the full tutorial!

DIY Coachella Inspired Headpiece

7 just shared this amazing headpiece tutorial –  made completely out of M&J products! To keep that Coachella inspired  style going for the rest of the summer head over to and see the directions below.

Supplies: 1 yard of chain, jump rings, charm or stone, and pliers.


  1. Gather your supplies. If you don’t have jump rings, you can remove a few links from a chain with pliers and use them as a substitute.
  2. Use the pliers to separate the chain into three separate pieces. Each piece should be about 10-12 inches, depending on how loose you want your headpiece to be.
  3. Attach one end of each chain together with a jump ring.
  4. Do the same thing with the other ends of each chain, so all three chains are connected on both ends.
  5. Use one more jump ring to attach a charm to one of the ends of the chains. Drape over your head and you are ready to keep that Coachella inspired style going all summer long!