Create Your Own Charmed Bracelet

By Goldie I would like to share with you an idea so you can create your own charmed bracelet using buttons as your charms. I used: 1 button of each style number 27854,  24361, 31325,  23619, 21707, 21815, 21906, 21688, 28916, ¼ a yard of gold metal chain 91700299 Stretch magic elastic 1 clasp and 2 … Continue reading Create Your Own Charmed Bracelet

Charm Bracelet Inspired By Twilight

There are plenty of charm bracelets out there, but the most popular one right now is the one inspired by Eclipse which is a part of the Twilight saga.  In this book, Jacob gives Bella a graduation present; which of course is a bracelet with a wolf charm.  Later on, Edward decides to add onto … Continue reading Charm Bracelet Inspired By Twilight