Top 3 Ribbon DIY Bracelets

Ribbons can be used for many purposes. Due to the many types of ribbons there are many ways they can be used. We've dedicated this post to some of our favorite ribbon bracelet tutorials. Inspiration & Realisation uses silk ribbon and charms to create a wrapped charm bracelet. This bracelet is perfect for those summer … Continue reading Top 3 Ribbon DIY Bracelets

DIY Chain and Studded Bracelet

By Blerona We all know that chain accessories are thee thing this year! But this season it's all about the uniqely shaped and fitted chain accessories not the boring old plain chain necklace or bracelet. So we came up with this very easy to make bracelet, that has all the right giltz and glamour for any … Continue reading DIY Chain and Studded Bracelet

DIY Holiday Week Three: Chain Bracelet

It’s Finally Here, Check out our new DIY Holiday Gift Idea Video for your gift inspiration. Last week Carlos and I showed you have to apply an iron-on appliqué.  This week I show you how to make this fun and simple chain bracelet. A great gift for anyone who loves fashion. Click here for material Happy … Continue reading DIY Holiday Week Three: Chain Bracelet

Our next Holiday Video is coming soon…

Our next holiday video is almost here.  Here's what were making... Be sure to tune in next week for this fun and easy DIY...

Charm Bracelet Inspired By Twilight

There are plenty of charm bracelets out there, but the most popular one right now is the one inspired by Eclipse which is a part of the Twilight saga.  In this book, Jacob gives Bella a graduation present; which of course is a bracelet with a wolf charm.  Later on, Edward decides to add onto … Continue reading Charm Bracelet Inspired By Twilight