Holiday Gift Guide


Are you a serial gift card giver? It’s time to break the habit, and get personal with your holiday gifts. Here are a few suggestions for those who are new to the gift-giving game.

Working Man's Hygiene Kit from Uncommon Goods

The Undercover Groomer – This Working Man’s Hygiene Kit from Uncommon Goods is a great gift idea for that man in your life who works with his hands, but still wants to keep them baby-soft. He may accept it begrudgingly, but he’ll be smiling on the inside.

Project DIY Joan of Arc Warrior Cuff

The Fashion Savvy Pinner – You know that friend who says she wants to get crafty and make things, but the excuses always seem to pile up? Take those excuses out of the equation with a Project DIY gift subscription! Project DIY is a carefully curated collection of DIY accessories that are perfect for crafting beginners, and the boxes come with everything your friend needs to start making envy-worthy fashion pieces. The best part is that it comes right to your door every month! The individual projects are also fantastic stocking stuffers.

Clue Game from Restoration Hardware

The Playful Party Host – Bringing people together and creating lasting memories are the number one goals of a great host. Give them a helping hand with this Vintage Bookshelf Edition of Clue! Guests won’t only be wondering if it was Professor Plum in the ballroom with a candlestick, they’ll also be wondering where to find such an aesthetically pleasing version of the game.

Barnes and Nobles Collectible Edition

The Design-Conscious Bookworm – Barnes and Nobles reinvents their classics collection with beautiful hardcover editions. Replace the torn and overworked copy of their favorite novel with one of these gorgeous books! There are a lot of great classics to choose from. So whether they enjoy the twisted world of Wonderland or want to delve into the world of philosophy with Plato, they’re sure to be pleasantly surprised.

Garden Plate & Utensils

Picky Eaters – You know how kids are always told NOT to play with their food? This Garden Plate let’s them do the opposite with a bunch of garden “tools”/utensils. Why can’t eating be more fun? Plus, imagining that they grew their own vegetables in their plate may encourage them to eat more greens! No guarantees though.

Do you have any more gift suggestions to add to the list? Let us know below!

Quick Gift Wrapping Tips


At M&J Trimming we know a lot about wrapping presents. Our beautiful ribbons aren’t just for adding to fashion items, they’re also perfect for wrapping those holiday gifts! Over the years we’ve collected a few tips to make your wrapped presents enviable, and keep your headache at bay.

Brown Butcher Paper from Create-OlogieKeep it Simple – Skip the reindeer wrapping paper. Grab a roll of brown butcher paper or white craft paper instead! If you want something a little more vibrant, get a big roll of silver or gold wrapping paper. By buying a large quantity of one type of wrapping paper you’re saving money, space and time! You also get the opportunity to make each present a little bit different by using various ribbons and tags.

Custom Colors – If you took our advice on the butcher block paper, now’s the time to get creative. Use stamps to make some patterned wrapping paper, and vary the colors for each present. Draw notes or doodles directly on the wrapped box!

Under the Wire – Looking to adorn your present with a beautiful bow? Wire edge ribbon is perfect for puffing up holiday bows. The wire hidden in the edges of the ribbon helps your bows keep their shape.

Neon Gift Tags from Lil Sugar

Tag It – Making tags is a quick and easy way to personalize a gift. Because tags are small, you can pull out all the stops with them. Add some Swarovski crystals, attach them with some gorgeous vintage ribbon, or paint on some abstract patterns. A simple way to give your tags some pop is to use a pair of scalloped scissors when cutting them out.

Card Catalogue – Re-use old holiday cards by cutting out the images and fastening them onto gifts with double-stick tape or glue.

Wrapped Holiday Presents

Use the Unusual – If your gift recipient is a big comic book fan, use comic book pages to wrap your present. If they love Jane Austen, use a few pages from an old book. Thrift stores usually have very cheap books for sale, so you won’t have to sacrifice your copy of Sense and Sensibility.

What tips have you picked up over the years? Share them with fellow wrappers below!

Holiday Gift Wrap DIY Roundup


If your gift wrapping strategy needs a little revamping, check out these great gift wrap DIYs for some inspiration!

Instagram Gift Wrap from Lemon Jitters

So you have like a thousand Instagram pictures, but what good are they if they’re only on your tiny cell phone screen? Lemon Jitters has a great way to put those pics to good use! Print them out and cut them into tags to add a little bit of personality to your holiday wrapping. You could even personalize them further by using photos of the recipient as the tag!

Glitter Wrapping from Best Day Ever

We said it before, we’ll say it again: we love sparkles! This glitter gift wrap DIY from Best Day Ever is perfect for those who share our sentiments!

Cozy Gift Wrap Boxwood Clippings

Keep your presents nice and cozy this holiday season. The adorable DIY from Boxwood Clippings shows you how to re-purpose those old sweaters into these cute gift sleeves!

Snowflake Thread Wrap from Oipaketti

Making this cute wrap will take a few pins, some string and some patience. We think the finished product is stunning!

Interactive Gift Wrap for Kids from Miss Webbie

Kids get so “wrapped up” in opening presents that they don’t pay attention to the wrapping! Make it interactive by adding some crayons to the mix. This way the gift wrap is part of the fun!