Holiday Gift Guide

Are you a serial gift card giver? It's time to break the habit, and get personal with your holiday gifts. Here are a few suggestions for those who are new to the gift-giving game. The Undercover Groomer - This Working Man's Hygiene Kit from Uncommon Goods is a great gift idea for that man in … Continue reading Holiday Gift Guide

Quick Gift Wrapping Tips

At M&J Trimming we know a lot about wrapping presents. Our beautiful ribbons aren't just for adding to fashion items, they're also perfect for wrapping those holiday gifts! Over the years we've collected a few tips to make your wrapped presents enviable, and keep your headache at bay. Keep it Simple - Skip the reindeer … Continue reading Quick Gift Wrapping Tips

Holiday Gift Wrap DIY Roundup

If your gift wrapping strategy needs a little revamping, check out these great gift wrap DIYs for some inspiration! So you have like a thousand Instagram pictures, but what good are they if they're only on your tiny cell phone screen? Lemon Jitters has a great way to put those pics to good use! Print them … Continue reading Holiday Gift Wrap DIY Roundup